Calculate Linux 14.16.2 “MATE”

24 Luglio 2015

Calculate Linux, Mate


Calculate Linux

Calculate Linux sono tre distribuzioni Linux basate su Gentoo. Calculate Directory Server (CDS) è la soluzione per server che supporta Windows e Linux tramite LDAP + SAMBA. Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD) è una distribuzione per workstation disponibile  con KDE, GNOME o Xfce. Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) è un live CD che permette di costruire la propria distribuzione.

Versione 14.16.2

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • We are very happy that such a wonderful project as Gnome2 not dead and continues its development under a new name. We have long been eying the project, and finally decided to release a new distribution with it. Meet – Calculate Linux Desktop MATE (CLDM), the third in our family of desktop Calculate Linux provides full-time jobs in the office and at home.
  • Desktop Customization, traditionally made in the style of Calculate Linux. It integrated to work with the server Calculate Directory Server. The software includes an office suite LibreOffice, web browser Chromium 43.0.2357.130, email client Claws-Mail 3.11.1, the message manager Pidgin 2.10.11, the editor Gimp 2.8.14, video player SMplayer 14.9.0, audio player Clementine 1.2.3 and other software, including standard applications MATE 1.8.
  • Distribution uses common repository of binary packages, which today has more than 1,800 pieces, as well as Portage, being backward compatible with Gentoo.
  • To better support MATE, Calculate utilities in the template format has been added dconf, work which proved to be extremely simple. Templates corresponds to dump utility dconf, all settings are stored in text files in a readable form.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Calculate Linux 14.16.2 "MATE"

Calculate Linux 14.16.2 “MATE”


e’ disponibile anche la versione a 32 bit della distribuzione.



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