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Univention Corporate Server 4.4-3

27 Dicembre 2019



Univention Corporate Server è una distribuzione Linux di classe enterprise basata su Debian GNU/Linux.  Utilizza un sistema di controllo  integrato per l’amministrazione centralizzata dei server, fornisce servizi compatibili al Microsoft Active Directory, e ha funzionalità per sistemi virtualizzati.

Versione 4.4-3

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

As always, the errata updates of the past months have resulted in many small and large innovations, which we have collected and released with the release of UCS 4.4-3. I would like to give you an overview of the most important new features and an outlook on what we are currently working on. Important new features include better checking of required resources during installation, avoidance of Windows Explorer crashes with extended file system permissions, documentation of best practices in dealing with Windows printer drivers and printer settings, and improvements to the Samba 4 Connector.

After receiving so much positive feedback on our questions in the article UCS 5.0 is coming!, I’d like to use this article to ask you a few questions that are relevant to the further development of UCS 4 and the direction UCS 5 will take. We highly value the UCS user‘s opinion and like to hear what you have to sayuse the comment box below or gladly write to [email protected].

Installation & Sizing

More and more often UCS is being installed on IaaS platforms. At the same time, UCS offers the possibility of integrating distributed environments into a central management system and operating many specialized instances in parallel. In order to prevent these instances from running into errors due to “lack of resources”, the installation of UCS now checks at an early stage whether the recommended 2GB RAM is actually available and otherwise displays a corresponding warning. Well-prepared environments can also ignore this warning and continue with the installation process. We continuously collect knowledge and tips on this topic in the article “Minimum RAM requirements for the UCS installation” in the support section of our forum.

Which experiences have you gained with memory requirements in your scenarios?

Challeging Fixes with the Third Point Release of UCS 4.4

With this release, we have found a solution to three challenges: first, we fixed problems with upgrading Docker which occurred in older UCS installations. These had led us to delay the update to UCS 4.4-2 for some environments and to extend the maintenance of UCS 4.4-1 in order to give all users sufficient time to perform updates.

Less common, but all the trickier were two other cases. With some Samba 4 shares, newer versions of Windows Explorer could crash when accessing the security settings. This was caused by extended file system permissions in connection with local user accounts not stored in LDAP. From this Samba generated status codes unknown to Windows. The second and similarly difficult to pinpoint case in an Open Source software used by us was a startup problem of OpenLDAP, which only occurred with a very rare constellation of contents at the end of the database file. We were able to isolate both problems, solve them in UCS and make patches available to the OSS projects.


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UCS 4.0

UCS 4.0


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