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Q4OS 3.8

6 Agosto 2019



Q4OS è una distribuzione Linux basata su Debian che offre una interfaccia grafica classica (Trinity) e accessori semplici. Il sistema è molto utilile nei sistemi cloud visto il basso requisito hardware richiesto per funzionare.

Versione 3.8

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the brand new stable Q4OS 3.8 version, codenamed ‘Centaurus’. This is a long-term support LTS release, to be supported for at least five years with security patches and software updates.

The primary Q4OS aim is stability. As we want to provide as stable as possible operating system for companies as well as for individuals, once installed and configured, Q4OS will work reliably in a long standing way, getting security fixes and updates. Adopting a new feature into the core system could be committed in a highly exceptional cases only. We treat such possible cases as best as possible, doing testing and investigating consequences carefully before such a change.

Q4OS Centaurus is based on Debian Buster 10 and Plasma 5.14, optionally Trinity 14.0.6, desktop environment, and it’s available for 64bit and 32bit/i686pae computers, as well as for older i386 systems without PAE extension. We are working hard to bring it for ARM devices too.

One of the Q4OS specific goals is the ability to have Plasma and Trinity desktop alongside each other installed. Users can switch back and forth between more advanced Plasma or efficient Trinity desktop. Both desktops can independently coexist side by side and don’t interfere with each other. Plasma is being the logical primary choice for most of users, so it’s considered to be the default option, which is also obvious from the Q4OS downloads site.

We are coming with our own exclusive utilities and features, especially with the ‘Desktop profiler’ for profiling your computer into different professional working tools, ‘Setup utility’ for the smooth installation of third-party applications, a ‘Welcome Screen’ with several integrated shortcuts to make system configuration easier for novice users, LXQT, XFCE and LXDE alternative environments installation scripts and many more. As installed, a user gets a minimal system with possibility to expand it, no other operating system features a tool like Q4OS’s Desktop profiler.

The Desktop profiler does more then desktop environments installation. Its primary purpose is to offer “application profiles”, a set of predefined applications, and install them easily in a single click. A .deb as well as .esh package format is supported. Packages can be defined as cpu architecture, as well as desktop environment, dependable. In addition, each desktop environment may keep its own applications profiles. A user can even create customized profiles on his own.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è: http://q4os.org/


Q4OS 1.2.2

Q4OS 1.2.2


Questo aggiornamento è cumulativo per la serie 3.x


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