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Univention Corporate Server 4.4-0

1 Aprile 2019



Univention Corporate Server è una distribuzione Linux di classe enterprise basata su Debian GNU/Linux.  Utilizza un sistema di controllo  integrato per l’amministrazione centralizzata dei server, fornisce servizi compatibili al Microsoft Active Directory, e ha funzionalità per sistemi virtualizzati.

Versione 4.4-0

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • With this release the new app Admin Diary is available, with which administrative events of all UCS instances of a domain can be viewed and evaluated centrally. Changes to users, groups or other objects in the directory service can be tracked just as easily as updates to servers or (de-)installations of apps. The Admin Diary is delivered as two components: a backend for data storage in an SQL database and a frontend for integration into the UMC. Recording of events is part of UCS 4.4 and is automatically activated when the backend is installed.
  • The self-service app has been enhanced in two areas:
    • End users can now use the self-service web interface not only for changing passwords, but also for editing their own contact information.
    • Administrators can now use the self-service to invite new users by mail. In this process, new users are send a self-service token that they can use to add their password and contact information to the prepared account in the UCS domain.
  • The portal has been extended to forward users directly to the login page and to display information texts if the portal is empty. The rendering has been optimized and is now customizable via CSS. Furthermore, the portal now has an improved permission management, which allows more access protection on the server side, which forms the basis for future enhancements.
  • The RADIUS app has been unified by merging the implementations from [email protected] and the UCS app. As part of the implementation, the exchange of Shared Secrets, e.g. with WiFi access points, has been simplified: The access point configuration can now be done using the UMC computer module.
  • Samba has been updated to version 4.10 RC2, which includes numerous improvements.
    • With this version, trust settings between UCS and Microsoft Active Directory domains can be configured. This makes it possible, for example, for users administered in UCS to gain access to services operated in Microsoft domains.
    • Furthermore Samba now supports Fine Grained Password Policies, with which it is possible to define different and detailed password policies within the Microsoft Active Directory or Kerberos domain.
  • The user experience in the Univention Management Console has been improved in many ways. These include a clearer display of input elements, better handling of long result lists and a more efficient display on small displays.
  • The settings for a user’s access to installed apps can now be managed on a central tab on the user object. This simplifies both the administration of UCS and the integration by App Providers.
  • For App Providers Install Permissions are a new feature in the App Center: They allow to specify for each version whether the App requires a contractual relationship between user and provider for installation. The App Center thus better supports corresponding business models of the app providers and users can better recognize which versions of an app are available.
  • UCS 4.4-0 is based on the Debian release 9.8 released in February. A complete list of security and package updates is available in the release notes.


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UCS 4.0

UCS 4.0


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