Rebellin Linux 3.5

1 Marzo 2017

Gnome, Mate

Rebellin Linux

Rebellin Linux è una distribuzione Linux commerciale adatta ai principianti basata su  Debian GNU/Linux. Il progetto offre due edizioni separate:  “Synergy“che è basata sulla ultima versione stabile di Debian e che usa il vecchio desktop environment GNOME 2, e  “Adrenalin” che deriva dal ramo instabile di Debian e che fornisce una versione customizzata di GNOME 3.

Versione 3.5

questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

List of updates:

  • Gnome Shell upgraded to v3.22.2 (New updates are available after download)
  • Mate Version upgraded to v1.16.1 (New updates are available after download)
  • Kernel upgraded to v4.8 Liquorix (New updates are available after download)
  • Brand new Material Design theme now completes the look!
  • Plenty of package and driver updates
  • MTP Support Added
  • Rebellin now works perfectly with AMD APUs. Tested on a tiny AMD A4-1200 (Temash, 1Ghz) processor and Rebellin just ploughs through!
  • Touchpad issues in Rebellin Mate have been completely rectified.
  • Rebellin Manual with great beginner friendly tutorials available free of cost.

Some changes and fixes:

  • Rebellin now uses Liquorix Kernel version 4.8. It’s more reliable than the kernel that was available from official Debian Repositories. And did I say it’s fast? It’s wonderful! Also, do upgrade your system after download to get the latest version of Liquorix.
  • VLC has been replaced by Totem.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Rebellin Linux 3.5

Rebellin Linux 3.5


Dalla versione 2.5 il  download è totalmente gratuito.

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