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Salix 14.2 “Xfce”

11 Settembre 2016

Salix OS


Salix OS

Salix è una distribuzione Linux basata su Slackware pensata per essere semplice, facile da utilizzare e veloce. E’ disponibile in 6 edizioni, una per ogni desktop manager supportato: Xfce, MATE, LXDE, Fluxbox, KDE e Ratpoison. Inoltre è compatibile all’indietro con Slackware e anzi  i propri repositori con software personalizzato possono essere anche utilizzati su Slaskware stessa.

Versione 14.2

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Salix Xfce 14.2 is finally released! It has been a lot of time since our last stable release and the changelog is huge!

The first thing you will notice, is that when booting one of the iso images you don’t get a boot prompt anymore. What you get is a boot menu and the menu offers options to install Salix in several different languages. So you can now install Salix, not only in English (both US and UK), but also in Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish (both for Spain and Costa-Rica), Swedish and Ukrainian! Many thanks go to our translators who have made an amazing job with these.

The menus that the iso images boot to are provided by syslinux on systems equiped with BIOS. On UEFI systems, the 64-bit iso now boots using elilo, in place of grub, and it provides similar menus to syslinux. The minimum architecture for the 32-bit iso has been bumped from i486 to i586 now and the boot menu in the 32-bit iso now includes options to boot either the i586 non-PAE or the i686 PAE kernels.

We also have two new GUI system tools, both developed in-house. The first one, GUEFI, is a graphical boot manager for UEFI systems and therefore is only available on 64-bit installations using UEFI. You can use it to create/delete/edit/rearrange UEFI boot entries and I don’t think there is any other distribution out there with anything similar. Then, we have gtkreposetup, which is the GTK counterpart to the console reposetup tool, and which you can use to select your preferred repository mirror.

With respect to other software included in this release, Xfce has been upgraded to 4.12. The main browser has been changed back to Firefox. The Firefox package now also includes langpacks for the most popular languages too, so it will most probably also be presented in your native language without having to install anything extra. Also, network configuration is now handled by NetworkManager, instead of Wicd, which would also help people connect using their mobile 3G/4G connections. Pulseaudio is now controlling the audio output by default, which should help a lot with bluetooth speakers, HDMI audio etc. Other than that it’s mostly the same as in previous releases, with LibreOffice, Claws-Mail, Gimp, Parole, Transmission, Viewnior, Zim etc. Everything has been upgraded to their latest release at this point. Of course, the usual collection of Salix System Tools is included, so you can still use Gslapt and Sourcery for managing packages and SlackBuilds and also the usual tools for managing Users, System Services, the System Language and Keyboard settings etc.

The Linux kernel used in this release is 4.4.19 (part of the 4.4.x series that is going to receive long-term support from the kernel developers) and it comes along with glibc version 2.23 and the gcc 5.3.0 set of compilers, while LLVM and Clang are also included. Also, following Slackware, udev, which is now part of the systemd project, has been replaced by the alternative eudev device management system.

Another huge improvement over previous releases, is that we now have a new repository available, that already includes thousands of packages! This new repository, named “extra”, is enabled by default, and includes packages built from SlackBuild scripts available in the slackbuilds.org repository. Work on this repository is ongoing and it will be filled with even more packages soon. The repositories are now more rich in software than they have ever been before!

The artwork has been updated too ofcourse. There is a new beautiful but simple default background and the default widget theme is now Adwaita.


La distribuzione è disponibile a:

Il sito web della distribuzione e: http://www.salixos.org

Il sito web per sviluppatori è: http://sourceforge.net/projects/salix


Salix 14.2 "Xfce"

Salix 14.2 “Xfce”


La versione precedente risaliva al 2014.


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