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Sabayon 16.02

3 Febbraio 2016

Gnome, KDE, Mate, Sabayon, XFCE


Sabayon Linux

Sabayon Linux  è una distribuzione Linux basata su Gentoo che segue la filosofia di essere subito pronta all’uso (grazie a molte applicazioni già installate e al sistema operativo già configurato). Sabayon è disponibili con diversi desktop manager:  KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Xfce ed Enlightenment.

Versione 16.02

Questa versione contiene in Inglese):

This is a major release: contains bugfixes and enhancements to the Sabayon distribution.

GNOME 3.18

We now ship with latest and greatest GNOME 3!

Plasma 5

All major components of Plasma where updated:
kde-frameworks 5.18
Plasma desktop (and all it’s components) 5.5.3


We released the tech preview for RaspberryPi2, and you can download it here, meanwhile the tree is getting in shape and we are setting up the infra to build images also for other devices, for more informations, read here. Udoo and Odroid are the next in the queue.

We actually rented an ARM server for that purpose since we are going to fully support the ARM hfp architecture in that way you can use Sabayon on your favorite boards!
If you want help us, please take in consideration to make a donation.

Future plans

Stay tuned! We are always busy to give you the Sabayon experience in your box. We have a lot of exciting updates in the pipeline for the next releases!


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Sabayon 15.06

Sabayon 15.06


Adesso c’è una verione di prova per Raspberry Pi.

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