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Puppy Linux 6.3

25 Novembre 2015



Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux è una distribuzione Linux abbastanza completa, ma molto piccola. Inoltre lavora solo in RAM, pertanto è perfetta per usare in modalità live e tutte le applicazioni (essendo già in RAM) sono velocissime da avviare.

Slacko è una personalizzazione di Puppy (puppies) costruita proprio utilizzando il sistema automatico che permette di creare facilmente una propria versione specializzata.

Versione 6.3

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Slacko64 Puppy is built from Slackware64-14.1 binary TXZ packages, hence has binary compatibility with Slackware and access to the Slackware and Salix repositories. It is a 64 bit operating system and requires a compatible Intel (IA64) or AMD (amd64) processor. More comprehensive release notes and documentation of known issues are available.

Features include:

  • Updated “First Run” GUI with bugfixes and visual enhancements.
  • New kernels following LTS branches of 3 series built with f2fs support and 4 series kernels. The shipped kernel is 4.1.11
  • New “change_kernels” script to easily change kernels
  • Many Icon and Graphical User Interface improvements throughout the system.
  • Latest Ffmpeg and supporting programs including Pmusic and Mplayer.
  • Updated Joe’s Window Manager (JWM).
  • Visual and bugfix improvements to the tools to configure JWM, including the new PTheme, a global theme manager for JWM and ROX desktop
  • Updated Firefox and Abiword
  • new graphical firewall program
  • Samba, used to share files with Windows, is shipped by default
  • replaced epdfview with evince pdf viewer
  • Many other updated programs.

As mentioned above, Slacko64 6.3.0 is shipped with kernel 4.1.11 but 3.18.22 and 4.2.5 are available from the repository and easily changed using the change_kernels script. Find more information at the Slacko download page including a brief guide to which version is right for you.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Puppy 6.3

Puppy 6.3


Per la prima volta Puppy è sia a 32 che a 64 bit.


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