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NixOS 15.09: Dingo

4 Ottobre 2015

Gnome, NixOS


NixOS è una distribuzione GNU/Linux indipendente che aspira a migliorare il sistema di configurazione. In NixOS, tutto il sistema operativo è costruito col package manager Nix. Nix memorizza tutt i pacchetti in isolamento dagli altri perciò non ci sono le direcotry /bin, /sbin, /lib o /usr e tutti i pacchetti sono dentro /nix/store.

Versione 15.09: Dingo

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Gnome has been upgraded to 3.16.
  • Xfce has been upgraded to 4.12.
  • KDE 5 has been upgraded to KDE Frameworks 5.10, Plasma 5.3.2 and Applications 15.04.3. KDE 4 has been updated to kdelibs-4.14.10.
  • E19 has been upgraded to
  • The Haskell packages infrastructure has been re-designed from the ground up (“Haskell NG”). NixOS now distributes the latest version of every single package registered on Hackage — well in excess of 8,000 Haskell packages. Detailed instructions on how to use that infrastructure can be found in the User’s Guide to the Haskell Infrastructure. Users migrating from an earlier release may find helpful information below, in the list of backwards-incompatible changes. Furthermore, we distribute 51(!) additional Haskell package sets that provide every single LTS Haskell release since version 0.0 as well as the most recent Stackage Nightly snapshot. The announcement “Full Stackage Support in Nixpkgs” gives additional details.
  • Nix has been updated to version 1.10, which among other improvements enables cryptographic signatures on binary caches for improved security.
  • You can now keep your NixOS system up to date automatically by setting
    system.autoUpgrade.enable = true;

    This will cause the system to periodically check for updates in your current channel and run nixos-rebuild.

  • This release is based on Glibc 2.21, GCC 4.9 and Linux 3.18.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


NixOS 14.04

NixOS 14.04


Alcuni cambiamenti sono incompatibili con la precedente versione, pertanto bisogna leggere le note per l’aggiornamento del sistema.



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