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Tails 1.0

3 Maggio 2014


The Amnesic Incognito Live System

Tails è una distribuzione Linux live basata su Debian e Gnome che ha l’obbiettivo di garantire la privacy e l’anonimato in rete. Questo viene raggiunto tramite l’utilizzo di Tor per tutte le connessioni uscenti e i dati non vengono salvati su disco (tranne se abilitato).

Versione 1.0

Questa versione contiene diverse migliorie (qui la descrizione in Inglese):

  • Security fixes
    • Upgrade the web browser to 24.5.0esr-0+tails1~bpo60+1 (Firefox 24.5.0esr + Iceweasel patches + Torbrowser patches).
    • Upgrade Tor to
      • Based on
      • Backport the fix for bug #11464 on Tor Project’s Trac. It adds client-side blacklists for all Tor directory authority keys that was vulnerable to Heartbleed. This protects clients in case attackers were able to compromise a majority of the authority signing and identity keys.
  • Bugfixes
    • Disable inbound I2P connections. Tails already restricts incoming connections, but this change tells I2P about it.
    • Fix link to the system requirements documentation page in the Tails Upgrader error shown when too little RAM is available.
  • Minor improvements
    • Upgrade I2P to 0.9.12-2~deb6u+1.
    • Import TorBrowser profile. This was forgotten in Tails 0.23 and even though we didn’t explicitly set those preferences in that release they defaulted to the same values. This future-proofs us in case the defaults would ever change.
    • Import new custom version of Tor Launcher:
      • Based on upstream Tor Launcher
      • Improve how Tor Launcher handles incomplete translation. (bug #11483 on Tor Project’s Trac; more future-proof fix for ticket #6885)
      • Remove the bridge settings prompt. (bug #11482 on Tor Project’s Trac; closes ticket #6934)
      • Always show bridge help button. (bug #11484 on Tor Project’s Trac)
    • Integrate the new Tails logo into various places:
      • The website
      • The boot splash
      • The “About Tails” dialog


La distribuzione è disponibile in:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Si tratta della versione 1.0, ma in realtà è la 36-esima  release stabile!


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