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Robolinux 8.1 “Xfce”

9 Settembre 2015

Robolinux, XFCE


Robolinux è un semplice e intuitivo sistema operativo basato su Debian GNU/Linux stabile. La caratteristiche migliore del progetto è quella di avere una macchina virtuale preconfigurata per supportare  Windows XP e Windows 7  così da poter eseguire Windows e Robolinux.

Versione 8.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Robolinux is very pleased and excited to announce its absolutley brand new “Fast as greased lightning!” Robolinux “Xfce Raptor” V8.1 LTS 2020 OS based on 100% rock solid Debian 8 stable source code with the 3.16 Linux kernel. It is loaded with many popular User applications such the newest Tor browser, i2P, Firefox, Thunderbird, Kazam screencaster, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Skype & VirtualBox 4.30 plus 12 incredibly powerful Security and Privacy apps to keep our Users safe! The 32 bit version uses only 185 MB of RAM. It has far better graphics and audio quality, boots up and runs much faster than our Debian 7 based Xfce version and is also compatible with newer hardware, drivers and most notably the Intel Haswell chipset. The Robolinux “Xfce Raptor” user interface is extremely fast, quite beautiful and very easy to use. A collossal amount of time and effort went into optimizing and tweaking Robolinux “Xfce Raptor” v8.1 so that Linux Beginners and Advanced Users will be very pleased. As usual both the 32 & 64 bit versions come with dozens of one click Wifi, Video & Printer Driver installers. The built in Stealth VM supports both Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit) versions which run virus free inside Robolinux. We also added a brand new Xfce FAQ section to our website as well. Robolinux 7 series users can migrate with ease by using the built in Lucky Backup application in all Robolinux 7 versions.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:

Il sito web per sviluppatori è:


Robolinux 7.8.1

Robolinux 7.8.1


Alcune schede video costruite prima del 2008 non sono supportate dalla versione 8 (mentre lo sono dalla 7).



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