HandyLinux 2.2

10 Settembre 2015



HandyLinux è una distribuzione Linux Francese pensata per i novizi. E’ basata su Debian GNU/Linux stabile ed utilizza il desktop environment XFCE. La caratteristica pricipale è un menu custiom con la applicazioni internet raggruppate in tabs.

Version 2.2

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

update the database: Debian 8.2 (Debian list of changes *)
Update Iceweasel – v40 (renomed Mozilla FireFox)
readability suppression modules for the integrated playback mode Iceweasel (nothing to do on your side)
replacement μblock by μblock.origin
Adding qwant, wiktionary and openstreetmap as reciprocating engines (ideefixe èfpé and thank you)
adding that replaces hardinfo info4forum (thank you thuban & coyotus)
passing the kernel-cleaner script in the background (thank you chrisinfo)
Passage HandyMenu v3 with full graphical configuration (thank you thuban)
Adding Cyclops as an alternative minimum viewer (thank you thuban)
updating the “About My handylinux” (thank you coyotus)
adding ntfs-config (thank you dyp)
Adding fonts-opendyslexic from the repositories (thank you thuban)
integration gimp’light config
replacing the screen magnifier vmg Loupy (thank you thuban)
passage of the forum and wiki https (thank you to donors)
Correction links and bookmarks for https
removing pulseaudio (installed only with skype or teamviewer)
correction icon mixer (thank you Jambalak)
adding custom actions to thunar (thank you thuban)
packetization scripts for thunar to ensure the updating and adding scripts
Adding curl, mpg321 and sox for custom actions
Adding unbound as local DNS resolver to avoid filtering ISP (thank you thuban)
Passage in sources.list for faster package management and relieve servers (thank you thuban)
suppression XFCE menu editor (fully functional) useless since HandyMenu-v3
backports removal of deposits (we only keep the mozilla-backports deposits)
passing the integrated packages documentation to facilitate updating
Adding a handylinux-amd64 version tested


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


HandyLinux 2.0

HandyLinux 2.0


Questa versione sarà supportata per 5 anni.



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