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13 Agosto 2021



KaOS è una distribuzione Linux per desktop che utilizza l’ultima versione del desktop enviroment KDE, la suite office Calligra e altre applicazioni basate su Qt toolkit. E’ stata ispirata da Arch Linux, ma usa i propri repositori. KaOS è una rolling-release ed è compilata solo per i 64 bit.

Versione 2021.06

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

KaOS is pleased to announce the availability of the June release of a new stable ISO.

You will find Plasma 5.22 on this ISO. Highlights of this latest major version include the big new feature Adaptive Transparency: This means the panel and panel widgets will usually be pleasantly translucent, but will become entirely opaque if there are any maximized window, a transition to Plasma System Monitor from the older KSysguard as the default system monitoring app and Plasma Wayland session now supports Activities: a classic feature unique to the Plasma desktop that allows you to have completely different environments for different aspects of your computing life, other KWin Wayland improvements include the Present Windows effect. New in Plasma 5.22, System Settings opens up on a speed dial page that gives you direct access to the most commonly used settings, as well as to the ones you have accessed most.

The installer Calamares has two new QML modules. KaOS has ported the Packagechooser to QML, resulting in a clearer and more consistent layout, and giving the option to fully translate this module in the normal Transifex location. The offline Locale module is now also ready for QML. The regular Locale module uses an interactive map, needing a network connection, so it is good to have to offline QML option also fully working.

As always with this rolling distribution, you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma Desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.83.0, Plasma 5.22.2, and KDE Applications 21.04.2. All built on Qt 5.15.2+.

The default mirror used for all KaOS installs is provided by Fosshost. Big change with Fosshost is that with just one mirror users will have access to a worldwide network of mirrors through Fastly CDN. No longer is there a need to adjust a mirrorlist, you will always be connected to the fastest mirror in your area.

New applications added include Maliit virtualkeyboard packages. Also new is support for JPEG XL, a modern option (and probable future replacement) for JPEG. Integration in the system is provided by qt-jpegxl-image-plugin, this allows you to open & view .jxl files seamlessly in Gwenview.

Updates to the base of this distribution were numerous and include a new ICU 69.1 & Boost 1.76.0 stack, Systemd 248.3, Glib2 2.68.3 with the whole glib/gobject group updated, Grub 2.06, Git 2.32.0, Hwids 20210613, Protobuf 3.17, Dracut 055, Poppler 21.06.1, Mesa 21.1.3, NetworkManager 1.32.0, ZSTD 1.5.0, Kmod 29.
Qt 5.15 does not receive updates or maintenance from the Qt company (only closed source, paid support is available). KDE has stepped up though and published a maintained 5.15 fork. KaOS now does a monthly patch update from this fork for all of Qt 5.15, so it basically is now at 5.15.3.


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KaOS 2019.02 

KaOS 2019.02


Non si può installare su RAID.


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