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Proxmox 6.4 “Mail Gateway”

22 Aprile 2021

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Proxmox è una compagnia commerciale che offre prodotti specializzati basati su Debian GNU/Linux, in particolare Proxmox Virtual Environment e Proxmox Mail Gateway. Proxmox Virtual Environment è una piattaforma open-source di virtualizzazione  mentre Proxmox Mail Gateway è un gateway per mail con anti-spam e anti-virus features. I prodotti sono gratuiti e si paga solo il supporto.

Versione 6.4

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Based on Debian Buster (10.9)
  • SpamAssassin 3.4.5 (with update ruleset)
  • Kernel 5.4.106
  • ACME integration
    • Proxmox Mail Gateway now offers full integration of the ACME protocol via the GUI, enabling administrators to create valid and trusted certificates for their domains with the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority, in the same way as with Proxmox VE.
    • Full support for the http-01 and dns-01 challenges, with all plugins from
    • Easily configurable from the GUI.
  • General Certificate Management via the GUI
    • It is now possible to upload custom certificates from the web interface, or set up a cluster-wide ACME account to automatically get and renew certificates from an ACME provider.
  • Support for external SpamAssassin update channels (regular automated updates).
    • By providing a short configuration file containing a SpamAssassin rule channel’s URL and GPG key, Proxmox Mail Gateway will now fetch verified updates from that channel, along with the updates from
    • The KAM ruleset channel is now available, and a suitable configuration file is shipped with proxmox-spamassassin.
  • Improved Quarantine Management
    • The admin view of the Spam Quarantine can now display quarantined mail of all users at once.
    • All Quarantine views (admin and user) allow you to filter for subject or sender.
    • The spam quarantine can now process huge amounts of mails at once (> 3200).
  • TLS-logging improvements to the Tracking Center
    • The Tracking Center now shows when an outbound connection is established over TLS.
  • Enhancements to the Integration of Proxmox Backup Server
    • It is now possible to get notified about the result of a scheduled backup to a configured Proxmox Backup Server Remote.
    • Inclusion of the (potentially large) statistics database is now configurable per Remote.
  • Notable Bugfixes:
    • Support for ‘/’ in the local part of an e-mail address (quarantine and statistics view).


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proxmox 4.2

proxmox 4.2


Il supporto commerciale inizia a partire da 64,90€.


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