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AV Linux 2020.11.23

16 Dicembre 2020

AV Linux, OpenBox, XFCE


AV Linux è una versatile distribuzione Linux basata su Debian contenente una grande collezione di software audio e video. Inoltre include un kernel custom con il threading IRQ abilitato per avere una bassa latenza. Può essere utilizzata direttamente da live DVD o da chiavetta USB, anche se può essere installata per l’utilizzo quotidiano nel pc.

Versione 2020.11.23

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

After several months of behind the scenes work two ISO’s of a brand new project “AV Linux MX Edition” have been released! With 32bit XFCE4/Openbox and 64bit XFCE4 versions this new project is based on MX Linux 19.3 ‘Patito Feo’. The MX development team is aware of this project and have kindly provided assistance and a warm welcome but it is important to note that this project is an unofficial Respin and at the current time not under the umbrella of the antiX/MX projects. MX is the new home base of AV Linux and I’m very excited about combining the phenomenal tools and utilities of MX with the well-known Content Creation focus that has defined AV Linux since 2008. Users of the current Debian Buster based AV Linux can continue to enjoy repository updates and work with AV Linux as long as they are comfortable but all future development will be going into the AV Linux MX Edition (AVL-MXE) version from now on. I’m only one little fella in a great big world and there are never enough hours in the day!

Highlights of this Release:

  • Kernel 5.9.1-rt19 (32bit) and Kernel 5.9.1-rt20 (64bit).
  • These kernels include the Bluetooth stack security fix.
  • XFCE4 with Openbox in the 32bit version.
  • Full XFCE4 Desktop in the 64bit version.
  • Greatly expanded AVL-MXE Assistant
  • New custom “Diehard” and “Earth” Themes.
  • Updated AVL-MXE User Manual.
  • Ardour 6.5 DAW (full version) with new VST3 support!
  • Harrison Mixbus 6.2.26 DAW (demo version) with new VST3 support!
  • Harrison AVA Plugin Demos *may not work with all openGL setups.
  • Reaper (demo version) makes it’s native Linux debut on AVL-MXE!
  • Hundreds of included top-shelf FLOSS Audio plugins… too many to list!
  • Odin2 and Surge synths join the list!
  • Demo Audio plugin versions (including VST3 versions!)
  • Demos:  ACM, Audio Assault, Auburn Sounds, Cut Through, OverTone
  • One-click removal of all Demoware.
  • Full Wine-staging setup with LinVst 3.1.5 files pre-configured.
  • Video Editor heaven with Avidemux, Cin, Kdenlive and Olive!
  • Graphics heaven with Blender, GIMP, Inkscape and Shotwell!
  • 10000 things I forgot to mention… Just boot it and see for yourself!


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


AV Linux 2020.4.10

AV Linux 2020.4.10


L’aggiornamento alla nuova versione è caldamente raccomandato

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