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NetBSD 9.1

10 Novembre 2020




NetBSD è un sistema operativo  basato su BSD che supporta una gran varietà di architetture differenti (da server a dispositivi embedded). Per le sue caratteristiche di pulizia nel design può essere usato sia su sistemi di produzione che per sperimentazione.

Versione 9.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Parallelized disk encryption with cgd(4).
  • Added the C.UTF-8 locale.
  • Added support for Xen 4.13.
  • Various reliability fixes and improvements for ZFS. Added support for ZFS on dk(4) wedges on ld(4).
  • NVMM hypervisor updated, bringing improved emulation, performance, and stability.
  • Additional settings for the NPF firewall, updated documentation, and various npfctl(8) usability improvements.
  • X11 improvements, default window manager switched to ctwm(1), enabled sixel support in xterm(1), fixes for older Intel chipsets
  • Stability improvements for LFS, the BSD log-structured filesystem.
  • Added support for using USB security keys in raw mode, usable in Firefox and other applications.
  • Added support for more hardware RNGs in the entropy subsystem, including those in Allwinner and Rockchip SoCs.
  • Various audio system fixes, resolving NetBSD 7 and OSSv4 compatibility edge-cases, among other issues.
  • Added aq(4), a driver for Aquantia 10 gigabit ethernet adapters.
  • Added uxrcom(4), a driver for Exar single and multi-port USB serial adapters.
  • Improved default input behaviour for Lenovo ThinkPads with clickpads and trackpoints.
  • Built-in MIDI sequencer and CGD support in evbarm GENERIC kernels – the modules now don’t need to be loaded.
  • Fixes for sigaltstack(2) on AArch64, resolving issues seen with Go and Erlang.
  • Fixes for evbarm AM335x (e.g. BeagleBone Black) CPU frequency scaling, and reduced idle CPU usage.
  • Improved output in lastlogin(8), w(1), cal(1), and added a ‘show’ subcommand to hdaudioctl(8).
  • Improved framebuffer console performance on amd64 early in the boot process, making amd64 boot faster.
  • More built-in keyboard layouts for wscons(4): Brazilian Portugese, Estonian, Icelandic, and Latin American Spanish.
  • Integrated third-party components were updated with fixes, including GCC, dhcpcd, OpenSSL, and tzdata.
  • Various instances of kernel memory corruption and information leakage were fixed.
  • Many other miscellaneous bug fixes, and additions to existing device drivers.


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