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5 Giugno 2020



KaOS è una distribuzione Linux per desktop che utilizza l’ultima versione del desktop enviroment KDE, la suite office Calligra e altre applicazioni basate su Qt toolkit. E’ stata ispirata da Arch Linux, ma usa i propri repositori. KaOS è una rolling-release ed è compilata solo per i 64 bit.

Versione 2020.05

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

KaOS is very proud to announce the availability of the May release of a new stable ISO.

This release is unlike the February version, not about many new features, but rather about updates and rebuilds. Most of the base of this distribution has been rebuild on a new GCC 9.3.0, Glibc 2.31 & Binutils 2.34 based Toolchain. Other rebuilds were needed for ICU 66.1, Boost 1.72.0, Krb5 1.18, Glib2 2.64.2 based stack, Guile 2.2.6, Mesa 20.0.6, NetworkManager 1.22.10, Perl 5.30.2, Linux 5.6.8 and Qt 5.14.2.

The new features from the last, major, release were numerous, so repeated here one more time.
It starts with the installer, there it is now possible to select whether or not to install an OfficeSuite (current choice is limited to LibreOffice, future might see the addition of Calligra as option).
You can also opt to do a minimal install.

This means opting for a fully functional Plasma Desktop with a filemanager, texteditor, and simple web-browser, but no further applications. So there won’t be a music player, image viewer, office suite and so on. You as a user can decide once the system is installed what to add when the minimal install was chosen.

That brings us to the next new feature. To help with selecting what to add to your new install, the first run wizard Croeso has the option added to install packages from six commonly used groups. For example, one group will give a choice of four different web-browsers to add, so it is now very simple to add Chrome or Firefox. Since KaOS has never installed an email client by default, there naturally is now a group for that too.

The above new feature makes it no longer needed to ship as many applications by default on the ISO, thus the number of installed packages has been reduced from roughly 980 to a little over 900.

A smaller change is done for the Welcome application as seen in Live mode. The installed package list is now part of the main window with its own tab in the slideview. No longer is there a need to open a new window for this list.

The Midna theme used for KaOS has been redone for 2020, biggest change there is the move from QtCurve to Kvantum for the application style. Implemented is a custom Midna Kvantum theme, following the same style as used in Croeso and the Welcome application.

Ksplash is simplified with less moving images, SDDM theme has better contrast. Complete new is theming for the systemd-bootloader, gone is the standard black background with white text, instead, you will see a well-intgrated option with the rest of the Midna theme. The grub bootloader was updated to follow a similar look as the systemd-bootloader.

For the installer Calamares, a second new feature was added. The Release Notes are now shown in a QML module, so there no longer is a need to work around sandboxing issues with QtWebengine or having to use the depreciated QtWebkit.

Highlights of You will find KDE Applications 20.04.0 on this ISO already. Highlights of 20.04 include Okular now implements smooth scrolling both when you are using the mouse wheel and the keyboard, Elisa added visual shuffle mode, it’s much easier to rearrange your music in the playlists. Now you can start watching movies stored on remote sites without having to download them and instead stream them directly from the cloud to your player through Dolphin, which also added the new Duplicate function. One of KDE Connects newest features shipped with this release is the ability to start new conversations with the SMS app.
Frameworks is at 5.69.0, Plasma at 5.18.4 and KDE Applications at 20.04.0. All built on Qt 5.14.2

Last new feature you will see on this ISO is the change of package compression standard from tar.xz to tar.zst. ZSTD brings a significant improvement of decompression speed over XZ, while bringing only a marginal larger package size.

KaOS is working on a complete rewrite of the Locale module for the installer. It will feature a modern look (based on QML) with a real live, accurate map. A preview is included in this ISO, but not ready to be used as default yet (to preview, you will need to edit /usr/share/calamares/settings.conf and replace locale with localeq before starting the installer). Once fully working, it will be presented to upstream Calamares for inclusion there.


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KaOS 2019.02

KaOS 2019.02


Non si può installare su RAID.


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