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Simplicity Linux 20.4

2 Giugno 2020

Simplicity Linux

Simplicity Linux

Simplicity Linux è una distribuzione Linux derivata da Puppy Linux e che utilizza il desktop enviroument LXDE per default.  E’ disponibile in 4 edizioni: Obsidian, Netbook, Desktop e Media.

Versione 20.4

Questa versione (in Inglese):

First we have Mini, which uses LXDE and Openbox and is running the 5.6.4 XanMod Kernel. As usual with Mini, there isn’t a lot of software preinstalled, instead it uses web based apps which run as a Chrome instance. We have preinstalled Google Docs, Project Management software, Spotify, Mega, Gmail and Facebook Messenger.

For those looking for something with locally based applications, we have Desktop which also uses the 5.6.4 XanMod Kernel. Unlike Mini, it uses Cinnamon as it’s desktop. It comes preinstalled with Pidgin, LibreOffice, GIMP, Chrome, Thunderbird, Audacity, Spotify and MPV.

When we released Simplicity 20.1, we put X Edition on hiatus and replaced it with the experimental Gaming Edition. It seemed quite popular, so we have kept up work on Gaming Edition. It should still be classed as experimental, but we’re planning on making it a stable release for 20.7. Simplicity 20.4 Gaming Edition uses the Debian Backports 5.4.0 Kernel for stability, and comes with Brave Browser, OBS, Discord, Blacknut Cloud Gaming, Vortex Cloud Gaming, Wine, Steam, and Spotify as full local applications.

Lastly there is X Edition. We tried a few different ideas for X, including a hybrid of Gaming Edition and Mini which used minimal local applications and almost everything ran through cloud clients or Chrome Shortcuts. And it’s something we may revisit. Instead we settled on a more fully featured Mini using LXDE and Openbox. It runs the 5.6.6 XanMod Kernel, and comes with Chrome Shortcuts for Gmail, Zoho Docs, Mega, Plan, Buffer, Calendly, Canva, Speechnotes, Evernote, Spotify and Project Management. The idea behind it was that with everyone being stuck at home, some might like the chance to revamp some old hardware for office use.


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Simplicity Linux 16.07

Simplicity Linux 16.07


X non c’è, ma c’è la gaming edition


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