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Simplicity Linux 20.1

20 Febbraio 2020

Simplicity Linux

Simplicity Linux

Simplicity Linux è una distribuzione Linux derivata da Puppy Linux e che utilizza il desktop enviroument LXDE per default.  E’ disponibile in 4 edizioni: Obsidian, Netbook, Desktop e Media.

Versione 20.1

Questa versione (in Inglese):

We are pleased to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 20.1. It is based on Buster Dog ( and uses Cinnamon as a Window Manager. We’ve also preinstalled PulseAudio rather than the usual ALSA because it was causing problems with a few modern apps.

Simplicity Linux 20.1 comes in three different editions: Mini, Desktop and Gaming. We usually create an X Edition, which showcases features which may or may not appear in a future version of Simplicity Linux, but we’ve decided to rest this for one release cycle as will be explained later.

Mini is our lightweight Linux distro. It features minimal pre-installed software, instead using cloud based software. It uses Google Chrome as the main portal to software, and has shortcuts to commonly used cloud based software.

Desktop is our more fully featured version of Simplicity Linux. It comes preinstalled with Chrome, LibreOffice, Claws Mail, GIMP, and VLC. More software is available via Synaptic on the dock bar. We’ve also included Catfish to help you find any files on your system.

As mentioned earlier, we usually release an X Edition, a showcase of features we may or may not include in future editions. This time around we began with Blacknut Cloud Gaming, added OBS and then decided that as a one off, rather than creating an X Edition, we would create a Gaming Edition. We have also added the Steam Launcher, which will get the latest version of Steam and install it on first run.

We’ve enjoyed working on Simplicity 20.1, and have been using Mini and Gaming as our daily desktops!


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Simplicity Linux 16.07

Simplicity Linux 16.07


X non c’è, ma c’è la gaming edition


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