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KaOS 2020.01

23 Gennaio 2020



KaOS è una distribuzione Linux per desktop che utilizza l’ultima versione del desktop enviroment KDE, la suite office Calligra e altre applicazioni basate su Qt toolkit. E’ stata ispirata da Arch Linux, ma usa i propri repositori. KaOS è una rolling-release ed è compilata solo per i 64 bit.

Versione 2020.10

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

For the many changes in this release, two stand out. First one is the addition of signed kernel modules for Linux 5.4. All internal modules are now automatically signed during the kernel build, out of tree modules like virtualbox-modules and NVIDIA packages have the signing added too. Building of those modules was adjusted to use the kernel specific signing files during each and every rebuild.

Second: To better accommodate hybrid systems and non-free NVIDIA, there is now a move from libgl to vendor-neutral libglvnd. This will make the NVIDIA bumblebee packages obsolete. Xorg-server was updated to 1.20.6, so the needed patches to use Prime instead of Bumblebee are included. The needed scripts for this are packaged as the prime package. The hardware-detection scripts and Calamares installer have their code adjusted to use the new Prime option. The availability of NVIDIA hybrid testing hardware was limited, so you might still encounter some issue with Prime.

Work has also continued last month to further remove python2. This time it was removed as makedepend from as many as possible.

You will find KDE Applications 19.12 on this ISO. Highlights of 19.12 include Kdenlive now comes with a spectacular new sound mixer. Dolphin redesigned advanced search options and now you can go backward and forwards in the history of places you have already visited. KDE-Connect implemented a new Kirigami interface that provides new features for desktop-to-desktop users, such as media control, remote input, device ringing, file transfer and running commands. For Elisa, indexing music files has improved and now supports web radios and ships with a few examples for you to try. Frameworks is at 5.65.0, Plasma at 5.17.4 and KDE Applications at 19.12.0. All built on Qt 5.14.0.

For the installer Calamares, support for non-free NVIDIA with Prime has been added.

Most notable major updates to the base of the system are LLVM/Clang 9.0.1, Glib2 2.62.4, Bison 3.4.2, Python3 3.7.6, Linux 5.4.7, Protobuf 3.11.1, Mesa 19.2.8, NetworkManager 1.22.2, Nano 4.7, GStreamer 1.16.2 and Qt 5.14.0

This ISO uses the CRC and finobt enabled XFS filesystem as default. CRCs enable enhanced error detection due to hardware issues, whilst the format changes also improves crash recovery algorithms and the ability of various tools to validate and repair metadata corruptions when they are found. The free inode btree does not index used inodes, allowing faster, more consistent inode allocation performance as filesystems age.

The artwork includes custom icon themes for light and dark themes. Midna and Midna Dark both create a complete unified look from boot-up all the way through logout.

There is an option to verify the authenticity of downloaded KaOS ISO files through GPG signature verification, see the Download page for further details and instructions.


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KaOS 2019.02

KaOS 2019.02


Non si può installare su RAID.



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