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Oracle Linux 8.1

10 Dicembre 2019

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux è una distribuzione Linux di classe enterprise supportata da Oracle ed è basata su Red Hat Enterprise Linux (100% compatibile).

Versione 8.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Security
    • Udica package added
      • You can use udica to create a tailored security policy, for better control of how a container accesses host system resources. This capability enables you to harden container deployments against security violations.
    • SELinux
      • SELinux user-space tools have been updated to release 2.9
      • SETools collection and libraries have been updated to release 4.2.2
      • New boltd_t SELinux type added (used to manage Thunderbolt 3 devices)
      • New bpf SELinux policy added (used to control Berkeley Packet Filter)
      • SELinux policy packages have been updated to release 3.14.3
    • OpenSCAP
      • OpenSCAP packages have been updated to release 1.3.1
      • OpenSCAP includes SCAP 1.3 data stream version
      • scap-security-guide packages have been updated to release 0.1.44
    • OpenSSH have been updated to 8.0p1 release
  • Other
    • Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
      • Memory Mode for the Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory technology has been added; this technology is transparent to the operating system.
    • Database
      • Oracle Linux 8 Update 1 ships with version 8.0 of the MySQL database.
    • Cockpit Web Console
      • Capability for Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) configuration using the Cockpit web console. The ability to disable SMT in the Cockpit web console is also included. For further details please see Oracle Linux Simultaneous Multithreading Notice
      • Networking page updated with new firewall settings on the web console’s Networking page
      • Several improvements to the Virtual Machines management page

Important changes in this release

  • virt-manager
    • The Virtual Machine Manager application (virt-manager) is deprecated in Oracle Linux 8 Update 1. Oracle recommends that you use the web console (Cockpit) for managing virtualization in a graphical user interface (GUI).
  • RHCK
    • Btrfs file system removed from RHCK.
    • OCFS2 file system removed from RHCK.
    • VDO Ansible module moved to Ansible packages; the VDO Ansible module is provided by the ansible package and is located in /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/ansible/modules/system/


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

La distribuzionale può essere scaricata da:


Oracle Linux 6.5


Si tratta del primo update della versione 8.


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