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Xubuntu 19.10

9 Novembre 2019

XFCE, XUbuntu

Xubuntu è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu di Canonical. Xubuntu utilizza il leggero desktop enviroment Xfce ed è ottimizzata per macchine poco potenti. La distribuzione include solo appplicazioni GTK+ quando possibile.

Versione 19.10

Questa versione contiene (In Inglese):

The Xubuntu team is happy to announce the immediate release of Xubuntu 19.10!

Xubuntu 19.10, codenamed Eoan Ermine, is a regular release and will be supported for 9 months, until July 2020. If you need a stable environment with longer support time, we recommend that you use Xubuntu 18.04 LTS instead.

The final release images are available as torrents and direct downloads from xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/

As the main server might be busy in the first few days after the release, we recommend using the torrents if possible.

Xubuntu Core, our minimal installation option, is available to download from unit193.net/xubuntu/core/. Find out more about Xubuntu Core here.

We’d like to thank everybody who contributed to this release of Xubuntu!

Highlights and Known Issues


  • Xubuntu 19.10 features Xfce 4.14, released in August 2019 after nearly 4.5 years of development. Backed by GTK 3 and other modern technologies, Xfce 4.14 includes many new features, improved HiDPI support, and the same great performance for which Xfce is known.
  • Xfce Screensaver replaces Light Locker for screen locking. The new screensaver is built on years of development from the GNOME and MATE Screensaver projects and is tightly integrated with Xfce. It also features significantly improved support for Laptops.
  • We’ve added two new keyboard shortcuts to make transitioning from other desktop environments and operating systems easier.
    • Super + D will show your desktop, while
    • Super + L will now lock your screen.
  • ZFS on root is included as an experimental feature. Available in Ubuntu and the other flavors for this first time in 19.10, this feature enables full-disk installation of ZFS.
    • Remember, ZFS on root is experimental, so don’t run it on your production machines!

Known Issues

  • If more than one instance of the Xfce Pulseaudio Plugin is added to the panel, volume notifications will be duplicated.
  • Tooltips can become unresponsive in the Xfce Task Manager. Usually a bit of movement will cause the tooltip to fade away.
    • This bug will be fixed in Xubuntu 20.04!


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è: http://www.xubuntu.org/


Xubuntu 19.10

Xubuntu 19.10


Questa versione è supportata per 9 mesi.



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