PCLinuxOS 2019.09

15 Ottobre 2019

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PCLinuxOS è una distribuzione Linux user-friendly con il supporto nativo di tante schede audio e video. Utilizza un semplice installer grafico e contiene le tipiche applicazioni utente, con i plugin dei browser già installati e il supporto completo al multimedia.

Versione 2019.09

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

The KDE versions both full and the minimalistic Darkstar contain kernel 5.2.15 plus a fully updated KDE Plasma desktop. Plasma desktop 5.16.5, Plasma Applications 19.08.1 and Plasma Frameworks 5.62.

The Mate Desktop was refreshed with kernel 5.2.15 and the applications and libraries were updated to their most recent stable versions from the previous release.

The Xfce Desktop was tweaked and now uses the Whisker menu by default. A login sound was added and the applications were updated along with some minor bug fixes.

In addition all ISOs now include the Nvidia 430.50 driver and will be used instead of the nouveau driver if your video card supports it. Hardware detection scripts were updated to provide better support for video cards that can use the Nvidia 430.50 driver. Pulseaudio has been updated to the stable 13.0 release. The Simple Update Notifier was reworked and now works for keeping you notified of system updates and the ability to update from the applet using apt-get. Small improvements were made to the Live media boot scripts. Vbox test media is also included on the installation media. This program allows you to quickly test an ISO on the fly or usbstick with various options without having to create a permanent VM in Virtualbox. Requires a valid Virtualbox installation. Thanks to the people involved for their contributions to this program.


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PCLinuxOS 2017.03

PCLinuxOS 2017.03


Viene usato KDE Plasma 5 in questa versione

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