LXLE 18.04.3

3 Ottobre 2019



LXLE è una semplice e leggera distribuzione Linux per desktop basata su Lubuntu e utilizzante il desktop enviroment LXDE. LXLE si basa unicamente sulla versione long term (TLS) ed è pensata per il riutilizzo del vecchio hardware.

Versione 18.04.3

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

After many weeks of tweaks, adjustments and issues addressed the final version of LXLE 18.04.3 is being released for public criticism.  LOL…. come on that’s kinda funny.

This release concentrated on slimming down the distribution; Providing computing essentials with a focus on low system resource usage while maintaining ease of use.

Issues Addressed

Replaced Applications

Removed Applications

New Additions/Improvements

  • Open ‘File’ as Root
  • Increased Menu Speed
  • Shortcut/Hotkey Overlay List
  • Screen Magnifier Tooltip Instructions
  • Seamonkey site specific display issues fixed
  • Desktop Games Section saw a reshuffle of ‘fun’
  • 100 brand new and reduced file size wallpapers
  • LockScreen updated and includes random Fortune quotes.

Additional notable changes

  • Abiword and Gnumeric has been loaded with every plugin/enhancement available to ensure usefulness and compatiblilty with various formats.
  • Seamonkey has been updated to version 2.49.5 and loaded with numerous features/buttons with an updated codefisher pack that was grabbed before going offline. Bookmarklets also updated.
  • Greybird was chosen as the default theme to ensure regular updates and an openbox counterpart was added. The GTK login greeter has also seen a theme update providing a touch of elegance.
  • The LXLE wiki has been updated to reflect the changes of default programs and features of the OS.

Known Issues

  • Virtual Box seems to want more than 1 gig of memory dedicated to the 64bit verison or it’ll report a ubi-timezone error during install which doesn’t occur with the 32bit at 1 gig.
  • Seamonkey needs user support since Mozilla is more worried about becoming a Google Chrome clone then it is about their subordinate projects. Thunderbird and Seamonkey have teamed up.
  • Abiword, Gnumeric and Pinta need user support. There really isn’t any other ‘lightweight’ alternatives out there. Any help, monetary or otherwise is critical to their continued development.
  • Occasionally the weather app runs out of api weather service queries, usually resolved quickly.


La distribuzione (1,2GB) può essere scaricata da:


LXLE 16.04.3

LXLE 16.04.3


E’ disponibile anche la versione a 32 bit.


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