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DragonFly BSD 5.4.0

23 Dicembre 2018

DragonFly BSD

DragonFly BSD

DragonFly è un sistema operativo designato per essere la logica continuazione sulla serie FreeBSD-4.x OS. DragonFly è un fork per dare a BSD l’oppurtunità di crescere in una nuova e diversa direzione rispetto alla serie FreeBSD-5.

Versione 5.4.0

Questa versione contiene(in Inglese):

DragonFly version 5.4 brings a new system compiler in GCC 8, improved NUMA support, a large of number network and virtual machine driver updates, and updates to video support. This release is 64-bit only, as with previous releases.

The details of all commits between the 5.2 and 5.4 branches are available in the associated commit messages for 5.4.0rc and 5.4.0.

Big-ticket items

  • Much better support for asymmetric NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) configurations. In particular, both the memory subsystem and the scheduler now understand the Threadripper 2990WX’s architecture. The scheduler will prioritize CPU nodes with direct-attached memory and the memory subsystem will normalize memory queues for CPU nodes without direct-attached memory (which improves cache locality on those CPUs).
  • Incremental performance work. DragonFly as a whole is very SMP friendly. The type of performance work we are doing now mostly revolves around improving fairness for shared-vs-exclusive lock clashes, reducing cache ping-ponging due to non-contending SMP locks (i.e. massive use of shared locks on shared resources), and so forth.
  • Major updates to dports brings us to within a week or two of FreeBSD’s ports as of this writing, in particular major updates to chromium, and making the whole mess work with gcc-8.
  • Major rewriting of the tty clist code and the tty locking code, significantly improving concurrency across multiple ttys and ptys.


  • DragonFly now ships with GCC 8.0, and runs as the default compiler. It is also now used for building dports.
  • GCC 4.7.4 and GCC 5.4.1 are still installed. 4.7.4 is our backup compiler, and 5.4.1 is still there to ensure a smooth transition, but should generally not be used. buildworld builds all three by default to ensure maximum compatibility.
  • Many passes through world sources were made to address various warnings and errors the new GCC brought with it.


  • HAMMER2 is recommended as the default root filesystem in non-clustered mode.
  • Clustered support is not yet available.
  • Increased bulkfree cache to reduce the number of iterations required.
  • Fixed numerous bugs.
  • Improved support on low-memory machines.
  • Significant pre-work on the XOP API to help support future networked operations.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

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Dragonflybsd 4.2

Dragonflybsd 4.2


Si può aggiornare dal ramo 4.8.x, ma perstaer attenzione alle chiavi pubbliche/private di SSH.


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