Oracle Linux 7.6

4 Dicembre 2018

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux è una distribuzione Linux di classe enterprise supportata da Oracle ed è basata su Red Hat Enterprise Linux (100% compatibile).

Versione 7.6

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Oracle Linux 7 Update 6 ships with the following kernel packages:

  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 5 (4.14.35-1818.3.3) for x86-64 and Arm
  • Red Hat Compatible Kernel (3.10.0-957) for x86-64 only

Application Compatibility

Oracle Linux maintains user space compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which is independent of the kernel version that underlies the operating system. Existing applications in user space will continue to run unmodified on Oracle Linux 7 Update 6 with UEK Release 5 and no re-certifications are needed for applications already certified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or Oracle Linux 7.

Notable new features in this release

  • Pacemaker now supports path, mount, and timer systemd unit files. Although previous releases of Pacemaker supported service and socket systemd unit files, alternative units would fail. Pacemaker can now manage path, mount and timer systemd units.
  • Package installation and upgrade using rpm can be tracked using audit events. The RPM package manager has been updated to provide audit events so that software package installation and updates can be tracked using the Linux Audit system. Software installation and upgrades using yum are also tracked.

Features specific to the x86_64 architecture

  • Clevis support for TPM 2.0. The Clevis automated encryption framework that can automatically encrypt or decrypt data, or unlock LUKS volumes, has been updated to support the encryption of keys in a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM2) chip. Note that this feature is only available for x86_64 systems.

Features now available as a technology preview on the x86_64 architecture

  • Block and object storage layouts for parallel NFS (pNFS)
  • DAX (Direct Access) for direct persistent memory mapping from an application. This is under technical preview for the ext4 and XFS file systems
  • Multi-queue I/O scheduling for SCSI (scsi-mq). Please note that this functionality is disabled by default

Features specific to the Arm architecture

  • DTrace has been enabled for Arm platforms and ports of the DTrace code are available in the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 channel on the Oracle Linux yum server. The DTrace user space code in the dtrace-utils package has been ported to run on 64-bit Arm platforms to fully enable DTrace for Oracle Linux 7 Update 6 (aarch64).


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

La distibuzione può essere scaricata da:


Oracle Linux 6.5

Oracle Linux 6.5


Si tratta del 6° update al ramo 7.


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