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Neptune 5.6

2 Dicembre 2018




Neptune è formalmente la versione 4 di ZevenOS che è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu/Debian con l’obiettivo di essere veloce e semplice da usare avendo una interfaccia utente in stile BeOS.  Utilizza il desktop manager KDE e un gran numero di applicazioni OpenSource per l’ufficio, il multimedia e lo sviluppo.

Versione 5.6

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

This update represents the current state of Neptune 5 and renews the ISO file so if you install Neptune you don’t have to download tons of Updates.

In this update we improved hardware support further by providing Linux Kernel 4.18.6 with improved drivers and bugfixes. Updated the DDX drivers for AMD/ATI and Intel aswell as providing Mesa 18.1.9. The X-Server got an update to version 1.19.6 which fixes several bugs and brings speed improvements.

Other main changes in this version are the update of Systemd to version 239  and KDE Applications to version 18.08.2. The Network-Manager got an update to 1.14 to improve wifi network stability and speed.

Plasma Desktop has been updated to 5.12.7 to provide bugfixes.
This includes fixes for Krunner to allow setting the webshortcuts and spellchecking options for its plugins.
SFTP connections via KIO are now more stable and reliable even after reconnecting to a device.
Spellchecking in Plasma applications should work again.

Chromium 70 provides speed improvements and security bugfixes.

Thunderbird 60.2 improves security and speed especially with lots of emails.

LibreOffice is now available in version 6.1.3.

Wifi Firmware got an update to improve speed, stability and support for new Wifi chips.

Localization and Plymouth Splashscreen configuration have been fixed in the System Installer Calamares.


La distribuzione (2,1GB) può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Neptune 4.5

Neptune 4.5


Questa versione è chiamata “Refresh”



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