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Fedora 29

15 Novembre 2018

Fedora, Gnome



Fedora è una distribuzione Linux sponsorizzata da Red Hat ma dallo sviluppo open e totalmente collaborativo con l’obiettivo di creare una distribuzione contenente solo software open source e di utilizzo generale. E’ disponibile con diversi desktop manager anche se Gnome è il principale.

Versione 29

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

In just one week, it will be fifteen years since we announced the release of Fedora Core 1. Now, we’re announcing the release of Fedora 29 — now not just “core”, but Workstation, Server, Atomic Host, a whole collection of desktop Spins and special-purpose Labs, images for Cloud and ARM devices, versions for Power and S390, and more.

We were tempted to wait a week to make the dates line up perfectly. But why make everyone wait? This is, yet again, the best Fedora operating system release ever. So go to and download it now. Or if you’re already running a Fedora release, follow the easy upgrade instructions.

This release is particularly exciting because it’s the first to include the Fedora Modularity feature across all our different variants. Modularity lets us ship different versions of packages on the same Fedora base. This means you no longer need to make your whole OS upgrade decisions based on individual package versions. For example, you can choose Node.js version 8 or version 10, on either Fedora 28 or Fedora 29. Or you can choose between a version of Kubernetes which matches OpenShift Origin, and a module stream which follows the upstream.

Other big changes include GNOME 3.30 on the desktop, ZRAM for our ARM images, and a Vagrant image for Fedora Scientific. As always, we’ve integrated a huge number of updated packages as software in the wider open source and free software world continues to grow. Thanks to everyone in the amazing Fedora community for all of your hard work on this release!

Of course, we’re not sitting still, either. Although “Fedora Core” is gone, over the next six months Fedora CoreOS will replace Atomic Host as our container-focused Edition, and we expect to officially add our Internet of Things Edition for Fedora 30. And, keep an eye on Fedora Silverblue. It uses the same technologies we’re using for CoreOS and IoT to make a consistent, container focused desktop environment.

If you’re already a Fedora user, update your systems and get moving forward. And if you’re not, this is the perfect time to get on board. Download an installer, device image, or launch Fedora Atomic Host in the cloud from now!


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Fedora 29

Fedora 29


E’ disponibile anche la versione per ARM.



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