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Emmabuntüs DE2-1.03

30 Ottobre 2018



Emmabuntüs è una distribuzione desktop Linux basata su Debian. E’ dedicata ai novizi e richiede relativamente poche risorse così può essere usata sui vecchi computer. Include anche caratteristiche moderne, come molti programmi per l’uso quotidiano già configurati, installazione semplificata di software non free e codec multimediali.

Versione DE2-1.03

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Based on Debian 9.5 Stretch
  • Added welcome and tools windows
  • Added new and more compact post-installation dialog windows
  • Added software installation management in Flatpak format
  • Added control script optimizing the Swap usage
  • Added the steam installation script, only available on the 64-bit version
  • Added PDF-Shuffler, Gscan2pdf
  • Added screen lock app for Lxde
  • Added shortcuts to user folders
  • Added Bluetooth activation management, if the adapter is present
  • Added automatic swap activation in Live mode
  • Added of the mounting of the hard disks or internal partitions without password request
  • Added the execution of the post-installation scripts without password request
  • Improved desktop integration
  • Improved wallpaper management when starting Xfce
  • Fixed Chromium Icon
  • Fixed WhiskerMenu
  • Fixed links to the user directory in Cairo-Dock config files
  • Fixed Thunar Shortcuts Not Functional
  • Fixed not launching binaries in sbin
  • Swaped PyRenamer by ThunarBulkRename
  • Removed FBReader
  • Removal of the patch “kernel-4-8-ufw-and-smb-not-working-together” that prevents Gufw working correctly
  • Disabled unnecessary services launched by default: Evolution, Caffeine: Issue 78
  • Updated the Emmabuntüs Wiki
  • Updated of Firefox-ESR 60.2, HPLip 3.18.6, TurboPrint 2.46, Skype 8.26 (64bits version only)


La distribuzione (3,7GB) può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:

Il sito web per sviluppatori è:


EmmaDE2 1.03

EmmaDE2 1.03


E’ disponibile anche la versione a 32 bit.


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