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Neptune 5.4

10 Agosto 2018

Enlightenment, KDE



Neptune è formalmente la versione 4 di ZevenOS che è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu/Debian con l’obiettivo di essere veloce e semplice da usare avendo una interfaccia utente in stile BeOS.  Utilizza il desktop manager KDE e un gran numero di applicazioni OpenSource per l’ufficio, il multimedia e lo sviluppo.

Versione 5.4

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Fix mtp opening for many android devices
  • Update Kernel to 4.16.16
  • Added remove all notification history to notification widget (backported from Plasma 5.13)
  • Tweaked default vm.swappiness in neptunes systctl config for even later swapping out and more responsive desktop
  • Added artwork-lookandfeel-neptune-dark
  • Added new Faenza-Dark icon theme for dark background themes like neptune dark
  • Added Blackbird gtk theme (for use with neptune dark)
  • Plasma Discover update for better overall progressbar when only installing one package
  • Plasma Discover update to support multiple archives for Plasma Extensions
  • Fixed Neptune ZRAM config not working for only single core CPUs
  • Fixed ksysguard leaking pipe fds in md raid code
  • Updated E22 to 0.22.3 (in repo)
  • Updated terminology to 1.2.1 (in repo)
  • Updated Thunderbird to 52.9
  • Updated Chromium to 67 and fixed html5 audio & video playing issue
  • Updated LibreOffice to 6.0.6
  • Updated KDE Frameworks 5 to 5.48
  • Updated KDE Applications to 18.04.3
  • Updated KWin to 5.12.5 (real version compiled against Qt 5.7.1 instead of just relabled 5.11.5)
  • Updated FFmpeg 3.2.11 security update
  • Included v86d by default on ISO (used for uvesafb)
  • Included mdadm by default on ISO (support for software raid [mdraid])
  • Updated Excalibur menu to 2.7
  • Updated Debians Stable base to 2018-07-21


La distribuzione (2,1GB) può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è: http://www.zevenos.com


Neptune 4.5

Neptune 4.5


Si può aggiornare dalla versione precedente

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