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BlankOn 11.0

30 Maggio 2018



BlankOn è una distribuzione basata su Debian sviluppata dall’ Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation e il BlankOn developer team. E’ una distribuzione Indonesiana che include software per uin uso variegato del computer.

Versione 11.0: Suroboyo

Questa versione contiene:

After doing development for about one year and three months, this year, BlankOn Developer proudly presents the 11th release of BlankOn Linux XI, codenamed “Uluwatu”. There are some changes in this release, providing their own colors with the characteristic of Indonesia especially Bali and also provides support for new hardware. The developer also added the latest features on some native BlankOn package. We expected that this additional features can provide a convenience to users.

This release was focused on BlankOn infrastructure. The BlankOn Developer team was successful when building back BlankOn services with the documentation included. One of those items is: Updating the Hardware, Reconstruction the CD Factory, Package Factory (IRGSH), Repository Factory, and moving Bzr from Wiki to Github.

BlankOn Installer
Blankon Installer is an application that will help you to install BlankOn on your device. Blankon Installer, developed using HTML5 technology, Javascript and Vala. By using this application, you can manage the hard drive partition (such as create, delete, chose target installation, etc.). It’s also provided UEFI partition mode and we hope by using this application you can install BlankOn easily.

Office Suite
This release includes a new LibreOffice version for default office suite.

GNOME 3.26.2
GNOME 3.26.2, which powers Manokwari desktop environment, has a number of fixes to NetworkManager, a variety of translation updates, and an assortment of other bug fixes. All GNOME applications in BlankOn Uluwatu get new features and improvements too.

Flatpak provide a universal application packaging system, with Flatpak, user can install application in any Linux distribution environment without considering about some dependencies. Flatpak are also included on this release.

Graphic Aplication
BlankOn Uluwatu bundled with some graphic applications to open and create a bitmap or vector image. In this release, we included GIMP version 2.8.20, Inkscape version 0.92 and also EOG version 3.26.2

Multimedia Application
You can play musics and videos without having to bother downloading anything immediately after installation. We have provided all of them such as Audacious and VLC.


La distribuzione può essere scarica da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


BlankOn 11.0

BlankOn 11.0


La distribuzione funziona con soli 256MB di RAM e un processore da 1GHz.


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