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NetBSD 7.1.2

4 Aprile 2018




NetBSD è un sistema operativo  basato su BSD che supporta una gran varietà di architetture differenti (da server a dispositivi embedded). Per le sue caratteristiche di pulizia nel design può essere usato sia su sistemi di produzione che per sperimentazione.

Versione 7.1.2

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Security Advisory Fixes

The following security advisories were fixed:

Note: Advisories prior to NetBSD-SA2018-003 do not affect NetBSD 7.1.1.

Other changes

  • Disable compat_svr4 and compat_svr4_32 by default on all ports.
  • Disable compat_ibcs2 everywhere but on Vax.
  • Remove svr4/svr4_32/ibcs2/freebsd from the module autoload list.
  • Disable LSRR (loose source and record route) and SSRR (strict source and record route) by default.
  • amd64: Make the direct map non executable.
  • BIND: update bind.keys.
  • bozohttpd(8): Fix issue where bozohttpd would fail to exec scripts via the -C mechanism.
  • drm2: Fix issues preventing the use of more than one graphics device.
  • Fix detection of duplicate symbols in kernel modules.
  • ipfilter: Fix a kernel panic when altering the ipf state table size at runtime.
  • ipsec:
    • Fix a couple use-after-free issues.
    • Fix IPv6-IPsec-AH tunnels.
    • Fix inverted logic that could crash the kernel.
    • Fix out-of-bounds read.
    • Strengthen sanity checks (AH/ESP).
  • IPv6:
    • Kick nested IPv6 fragments.
    • Fix a couple use-after-free issues.
    • Fix memory leak in nd6_na_input().
  • ksh: Create HISTFILE with mode 0600, not 777.
  • MPLS: Fix several memory corruptions and inconsistencies.
  • pf: Fix signedness bug.
  • sparc:
    • Fix time goes backwards problems.
    • Fix problem using the ps command in ddb.
  • tlp(4): Fix timeout using the Legacy Network Adapter in Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V VMs.
  • ypserv(8): Avoid returning stale request data to the client.
  • xen: Prevent unrestricted userland access to I/O ports.


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