Peppermint OS 8-20171130

26 Dicembre 2017



Peppermint OS

Peppermint è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu e LDXE, nata per essere veloce, migliorando quindi la mobilità e la facilità di utilizzo del proprio sistema (utilizza comunque delle utility di Mint). Si avvia e spegne velocemente (in pochi secondi e non in minuti) avendo tutto concentrato in soli 512MB (per cui anche in modalità live cd/usb da il meglio di sè).

Versione 8-20171130

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

    • Nemo 2.8.7 updated to Nemo 3.4.7 which seems more stable during large file operations, and now has a separate process for controlling the desktop.
    • OpenVPN updated in the repos to version OpenVPN 2.4.4 to support mixed mode IPv4/IPv6 VPN’s.
    • Switched from lightdm-gtk-greeter to slick-greeter. So a new much prettier login screen, and a GUI utility in the menu called ‘Login Window’ for login screen settings, including the ability to add/change/remove an autologin user.
    • Added a desktop right-click “Open Peppermint Settings Panel” context menu item. We noticed that people who borked or deleted their xfce4-panel had no easy way to get to the Peppermint Settings Panel so they could use the panel reset function to recover, now they can by right-clicking on the desktop.
    • Installed mint-translations, so included mint applications are now available with non-English translations.
    • Fixed peppermint-proxy-configuration on the 32bit ISO.
    • Improved i3lock lock-screen, similar to the previous one but with a neater looking clock that can be changed between 12hr and 24hr
    • Advert Blocker reinstated by request, available in the main menu not in the Peppermint Settings Panel.
    • New “Pepirus” xfwm4 theme similar to the Peppermint 7 xfwm4 theme but the active window has a light grey border instead of blue, and some small colour tweaks. Most users said they preferred the Peppermint 7 window borders to the Peppermint 8 ones, so this is a ‘similar’ but updated theme.
    • New “Pepirus” icon theme with red folders, and additional icons.
    • New “Pepirus” Gtk theme similar to Peppermix-7-Dark-Red to fit with the new red icon and xfwm4 themes.
    • Changed default wallpaper to Peppermint-3D-Logo-Alternative.
    • Three additional Ray Bilcliff wallpapers.
    • Disabled Gtk overlay scrollbars, so the scrollbars don’t overlay other window content making it difficult to see.
    • Repository now contain tweaked versions of screenfetch and neofetch with custom Peppermint logo ASCII art.
    • Slightly larger terminal window defaults so neofetch/screenfetch have the room necessary to display properly.
    • Started adding non-English translated versions of ICE to the repos .. more languages will be added later as we create them (we’re putting in a lot of effort into having full non-English translations for ALL applications hopefully by Peppermint 9).
    • ISO’s now contain all 16.04 updates (to the date of the ISO) .. so the Peppermint 8 respin ISO’s ship with the 4.10.0-40 kernel from the HWE, which will automatically roll onto the 4.13 kernel via the update-manager when the HWE updates upstream (probably around February).


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Peppermint OS 8

Peppermint OS 8


Viene sviluppata anche la versione a 32 bit.


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