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GhostBSD 11.1

28 Novembre 2017



GhostBSD è una distribuzione live/installabile basata su FreeBSD e il desktop manager Gnome che aspira a incrementare l’esperienza desktop di FreeBSD.

Versione 11.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

What’s new on GhostBSD 11.1

  • GhostBSD software repository
  • Support VMware Workstation Guest Features
  • New UFS full disk mirroring option on the installer
  • New UFS full disk  MBR and GPT option on the installer
  • New UFS full disk  swap size option on the installer
  • Whisker Menu as default Application menu on XFCE
  • All software developed by GhostBSD is now getting updated
  • ZFS configuration for disk

What has been fixed on 11.1?

  • Fix XFCE sound plugin
  • Installer ZFS configuration file setting
  • Installer ZFS setup appears to be incomplete
  • The installer was not listing ZFS disk correctly.
  • The installer The partition list was not deleted when pressing back
  • XFCE and MATE shutdown/suspend/hibernate randomly missing
  • Clicking ‘GhostBSD Bugs’ item in the Main menu -> ‘System Tools’ brings up ‘Server not found’ page
  • XFCE installation – incorrect keyboard layout
  • Locale setting not filling correctly
  • Update Station tray icon


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è: http://www.ghostbsd.org/

Sito web per sviluppatori: http:/http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ghostbsdproject


GhostBSD 11.1

GhostBSD 11.1


Questa versione esce dopo 1 anno di sviluppo.


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