Ubuntu MATE 17.10

4 Novembre 2017

Mate, Ubuntu MATE


Ubuntu è la distribuzione Linux basata su Debian sviluppata da Canonical disponibile gratuitamente (tramite il supporto della comunità) oppure professionalmente a pagamento. Il desktop manager utilizzato è Unity, sviluppato dalla stessa Canonical, ma sono disponibili anche gli altri desktop manager (Gnome, KDE, XFCE…)

Ubuntu-MATE è uno spinoff diventato ufficiale e realizzato col desktop MATE.

Versione 17.10

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Ubuntu MATE now features a Global Menu implementation provided via vala-panel-appmenu and most of the Ubuntu indicators are now available with MATE compatibility.
  • Upgraded to MATE HUD 17.10.9-0ubuntu1 which fixes broken event replay due to synchronous key grab.
  • Upgraded to MATE Optimus 17.10.1-1ubuntu0 which now features nvidia hardware detection, including external Thunderbolt connected devices.
  • Upgraded to Brisk Menu 0.4.5 has improved Super key support and numerous fixes, plus a few settings that MATE Tweak can manipulate to augment how Brisk is presented in different layouts.
  • Upgraded to MATE Menu 17.10.8-0ubuntu1 now has better relevance of launcher search results, can now optionally search Duck Duck Go, has numerous fixes and that all important Super key was improved.
  • Upgraded to MATE Dock Applet 0.79 has improved Super key support and several bug fixes.
  • Upgraded to Ubuntu MATE Welcome 17.10.15 has been stocked with even more new applications for you to discover and
    • The all new Software Boutique is not ready yet, so this is the Boutique you know and love. Just better stocked.
  • Added PulseMixer snap to the default install.
  • Removed Synapse and HexChat from the default install.
  • Added Redshift, which adjusts the colour temperature of your screen according to your surroundings, is installed by default but not enabled by default.
  • Dropped caja-gksu and migrated gdebi to PolicyKit – Thanks Simon Quigley
    • caja-admin has replaced caja-gksu
    • gksu is being removed from Debian so we are aligning with that objective by removing gksu from Ubuntu MATE.
  • Caja now includes the GtkHash and Caja Rename extensions.
  • New Ubiquity Slide Show
    • Completely redesigned to introduce users to more of the features unique to Ubuntu MATE.
    • Added Ubuntu MATE logo to Ubiquity.
  • Patched unity-gtk-module to fix ghosting artefacts when dragging and dropping icons.
  • Many of the Ubuntu MATE defaults have been changed or updated
    • Replaced lightdm-gtk-greeter with slick-greeter.
    • Added keybindings for Shift + Print Screen to grab a screen area when taking a screenshot.
    • Added defaults for Chromium, which will show the Ubuntu MATE Start page, should you install it.
    • Added sane defaults and tookit integration for smplayer, should you install it.
  • MATE Desktop 1.18 has seen many updates, with lots of bugs fixes. Nothing new, just be more stability.
    • Some long standing bugs with systemd integration and DBus session activation have been fixed.
  • The Ubuntu MATE themes have been improved via the release of ubuntu-mate-artwork 17.10.10
    • Several improvements Plymouth splash screens, both text and graphical varieties.
    • Add missing panel-grid to Radiant-MATE.
    • Improve linked button styling for message dialogs.
    • Add syntax for panel-grid image to support MATE 1.20.
    • Improve clock-applet-button so it is consistent with other buttons.
    • Add top border-radius for .titlebar > headerbarworkaround for incorrect upstream use of the GTK API
    • Improved notebook (tab) styling.
    • Updated GtkSourceView themes (used by text editors).
    • Add bold style classes for Global Menu.
    • Fix color of grey-out arrows in menus.
    • Fix padding of primary/secondary image in GtkEntry.
    • Improve menu items by adding slightly more padding.
    • Add a minimal padding to na-tray-applets.
    • Add the Ubuntu MATE logo as the distributor-logo.
    • Fix incorrect CSS syntax for Caja.
    • Fix world-map border color in clock-applet.
    • Fix GtkScale slider mouse-selection if slider is out of range.
    • Fix height of headerbar for metacity-theme-viewerworkaround for incorrect upstream use of the GTK API
    • Fix border color of scrollbars.
    • Remove obsolete chrom{e|ium} styling.
    • Remove unwanted backdrop states.
  • Experimental HiDPI support is a little less experimental.
  • …and a whole lot of other little improvements and fixes.


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Ubuntu MATE 17.10

Ubuntu MATE 17.10


Si può aggiornare dalla versione precedente


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2 Responses to “Ubuntu MATE 17.10”

  1. Ghibli Says:

    Provato al volo un paio di settimane fa ed è molto migliorato rispetto alla 16.04, un vero gioiellino. Non mi stupirei affatto se in un futuro prossimo rubasse la scena a Ubuntu.

  2. ice00 Says:

    Da amante di KDE, se proprio dovessi scegliere tra Ubuntu e Ubuntu MATE, opterei per questa versione pure io 🙂

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