DragonFly BSD 5.0.0

1 Novembre 2017

DragonFly BSD

DragonFly BSD

DragonFly è un sistema operativo designato per essere la logica continuazione sulla serie FreeBSD-4.x OS. DragonFly è un fork per dare a BSD l’oppurtunità di crescere in una nuova e diversa direzione rispetto alla serie FreeBSD-5.

Versione 5.0.0

Questa versione contiene(in Inglese):

Big-ticket items


Preliminary HAMMER2 support has been released into the wild as-of the 5.0 release. This support is considered EXPERIMENTAL and should generally not yet be used for production machines and important data. The boot loader will support both UFS and HAMMER2 /boot. The installer will still use a UFS /boot even for a HAMMER2 installation because the /boot partition is typically very small and HAMMER2, like HAMMER1, does not instantly free space when files are deleted or replaced.

DragonFly 5.0 has single-image HAMMER2 support, with live dedup (for cp’s), compression, fast recovery, snapshot, and boot support. HAMMER2 does not yet support multi-volume or clustering, though commands for it exist. Please use non-clustered single images for now.

ipfw Updates

IPFW has gone through a number of updates in DragonFly and now offers better performance. pf and ipfw3 are also still supported.

Improved graphics support

  • The i915 driver has been brought up to match what’s in the Linux 4.7.10 kernel. Intel GPUs are supported up to the Kabylake generation.
  • vga_switcheroo(4) module added, allowing the use of Intel GPUs on hybrid-graphics systems.
  • The new apple_gmux driver enables switching to the Intel video chipset on dual Intel/NVIDIA and Intel/Radeon Macbook computers.

Other user-affecting changes

  • efisetup(8) added.
  • DragonFly can now support over 900,000 processes on a single machine.
  • Client-side SSH by default does not try password authentication, which is the default behavior in newer versions of OpenSSH. Pass an explicit ‘-o PasswordAuthentication=yes’ or change /etc/ssh/ssh_config if you need the old behavior. Public key users are unaffected.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

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Dragonflybsd 4.2

Dragonflybsd 4.2


Si può aggiornare dal ramo 4.8.x


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