CentOS 7-1708

1 Ottobre 2017




CentOS è una distribuzione Linux al 100% compatibile con Red Hat Enterprise Linux e perfettamente adeguata alle direttive di Red Hat riguardante la redistribuzione del proprio codice. CentOS è pensate per persone che hanno bisogno di sistemi enterprise molto stabili ma senza dover sostenere il costo di supporto e certificazione.

Versione 7-1708

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Updates released since we froze the iso and install media content are
posted in the updates repo along with the release. This will include
content from late Aug 2017 and Sept 2017, therefore anyone
running a new install is highly encouraged to run a ‘yum update’
operation immediate on install completion. You can apply all updates,
including the content released today, on your existing CentOS Linux
7/x86_64 machine by just running ‘yum update’.

As with all CentOS Linux 7 components, this release was built from
sources hosted at In addition, SRPMs that are a
byproduct of the build (and also considered critical in the code and
buildsys process) are being published to match every binary RPM we
release. Sources will be available from in their own
dedicated directories to match the corresponding binary RPMs. Since
there is far less traffic to the CentOS source RPMs compared with the
binary RPMs, we are not putting this content on the main mirror
network. If users wish to mirror this content they can do so using the
reposync command available in the yum-utils package. All CentOS source
RPMs are signed with the same key used to sign their binary
counterparts. Developers and end users looking at inspecting and
contributing patches to the CentOS Linux distro will find the code
hosted at far simpler to work against. Details on how
to best consume those are documented along with a quick start at :

Debuginfo packages are also being signed and pushed. Yum configs
shipped in the new release file will have all the context required for
debuginfo to be available on every CentOS Linux install.

This release supersedes all previously released content for CentOS
Linux 7, and therefore we highly encourage all users to upgrade their
machines. Information on different upgrade strategies and how to
handle stale content is included in the Release Notes.

Note that older content, obsoleted by newer versions of the same
applications are trim’d off from repos like Extras/ and Plus/ However
this time we have also extended this to the sIG content hosted at, and some older End of Life content has been dropped.
Everything we ever release, is always available on the vault service for
people still looking for and have a real need for it.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


CentOS 7.0-1406

CentOS 7.0-1406


Questa versione è basata su RHEL 7.4


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