DragonFly BSD 4.8.1

29 Agosto 2017

DragonFly BSD

DragonFly BSD

DragonFly è un sistema operativo designato per essere la logica continuazione sulla serie FreeBSD-4.x OS. DragonFly è un fork per dare a BSD l’oppurtunità di crescere in una nuova e diversa direzione rispetto alla serie FreeBSD-5.

Versione 4.8.1

Questa versione contiene(in Inglese):

Improved kernel performance

This release further localizes cache lines and reduces/removes cache ping-ponging on globals. For bulk builds on many-cores or multi-socket systems, we have around a 5% improvement, and certain subsystems such as namecache lookups and exec()s see massive focused improvements. See the corresponding mailing list post with details.

Support for eMMC booting, and mobile and high-performance PCIe SSDs

This kernel release includes support for eMMC storage as the boot device. We also sport a brand new SMP-friendly, high-performance NVMe SSD driver (PCIe SSD storage). Initial device test results are available.

EFI support

The installer can now create an EFI or legacy installation. Numerous adjustments have been made to userland utilities and the kernel to support EFI as a mainstream boot environment. The /boot filesystem may now be placed either in its own GPT slice, or in a DragonFly disklabel inside a GPT slice.

DragonFly, by default, creates a GPT slice for all of DragonFly and places a DragonFly disklabel inside it with all the standard DFly partitions, such that the disk names are roughly the same as they would be in a legacy system.

Improved graphics support

The i915 driver has been updated to match the version found with the Linux 4.6 kernel. (Linux 4.7 in the DragonFly 4.8.1 release.) Broadwell and Skylake processor users will see improvements.

Other user-affecting changes

  • Kernel is now built using -O2.
  • VKernels now use COW, so multiple vkernels can share one disk image.
  • powerd() is now sensitive to time and temperature changes.
  • Non-boot-filesystem kernel modules can be loaded in rc.conf instead of loader.conf.


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Dragonflybsd 4.2

Dragonflybsd 4.2


Il supporto ai 32 bit è stato abbandonato.


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