KaOS 2017.06

10 Giugno 2017



KaOS è una distribuzione Linux per desktop che utilizza l’ultima versione del desktop enviroment KDE, la suite office Calligra e altre applicazioni basate su Qt toolkit. E’ stata ispirata da Arch Linux, ma usa i propri repositori. KaOS è una rolling-release ed è compilata solo per i 64 bit.

Versione 2017.06

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Just days after Qt 5.9.0 and Plasma 5.10.0 were announced, can you already see both on this new release. Highlights of Plasma 5.10.0 include Task Manager gaining options for middle mouse click such as grouping and ungrouping applications, media controls and virtual keyboard on lock screen, revamped password dialogs for network authentication, performance optimizations in Pager and Task Manager, the security of the lock screen architecture was reworked and simplified and file copying notifications have a context menu on previews
  • Plasma developers are working on two new Music Players, now included in the KaOS repositories are both. Babe has become the default player on this ISO, Elisa is available as another option.
  • Other recent additions include a GUI for git QGit and QDirStat, a graphical application to show where your disk space has gone.
  • For those who do not want to build packages they miss from the repositories the option to use Flatpak has been added to KaOS. Discover is added as the GUI for Flatpak.
  • A new option is the addition to verify the authenticity of downloaded KaOS ISO files through GPG signature verification, see the Download page for further details and instructions.
  • As always with this rolling distribution, you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma Desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.34.0, Plasma 5.10.0, KDE Applications 17.04.1 & not yet released ports of KDE Applications. All built on Qt 5.9.0.
  • Mesa includes experimental Nouveau patches so QtWebengine based applications and web browsers can again be used on systems running the Nouveau driver. This fixes a long standing bug going back to the middle of 2015.
  • Most notable major updates to the base of the system are Qt 5.9.0, Boost 1.63.0, Glib2 2.52.2, Kmod 24, Mesa 17.1.1, x265 2.4, FFMpeg 3.3, DBus 1.10.18, Ruby 2.4.1, Protobuf 3.3.1, PyQt 5.8.2 and a move to qtwebkit-tp replacing no longer maintained qt5-webkit
  • KaOS repositories no longer provide Qt 4. It is a good three years ago that development for Qt 4 stopped, late 2015 all support including security fixes ended. Any application that has not made the transition to Qt 5 in all this time can no longer be supported in KaOS. Either they actually are no longer maintained or their development is ignoring the implications of building on a possible insecure toolkit.
  • The Linux kernel has all the needed ucode built-in for a fully automated Early Microcode update.


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KaOS 2017.04

KaOS 2017.04


KaOs utilizza Systemd e Systemd-boot



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