Untangle NG Firewall 13.0.0

24 Maggio 2017

Untangle Gateway


Untangle NG Firewall

Untangle NG Firewall è una distribuzione Linux basata su Debian adibita a gateway con moduli installabili per applicazioni di rete come bloccaggio spam, filtraggio web, anti-virus, anti-spyware, prevenzione delle intrusioni, VPN, SSL VPN, firewall, e altro.

Versione 13.0.0

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

At Untangle, we’re all about making an elegent and simple solution. Networking is hard and complicated, and making it “easy” can be difficult. We’re always trying to innovate to make things easier and more intuitive. While the old administrator interface was great, and the best in the industry in our opinions, but we found that we needed to rethink some things in order to continue to innovate.

To address this we reimplemented the UI using the newest extjs library in a true MVC architecture. This will provide a better platform to continue to innovate.

There are already some big improvements that will benefit everyday administrators of Untangle:

The new UI loads faster, renders faster, and is quicker to respond.

Untangle now uses “URL Routing” has a few benefits. Access parts of the interface directly (like https://IP/admin/index#/config/about). You can now use the back button like a regular web application. For example, In Apps you can click on “Web Filter” and then click “back” to go back to Apps.

Usage of most “modal” windows has been removed so it behaves more like a typical web application instead of a thick application. This will take some getting used to by long term users, but once you do you won’t want to go back.

Rule building is essential to configuring Untangle. The new rule builder should be faster and easier.

The dashboard and charts and customized reporting are now cleaner and simpler.

The new default skin is no longer the “rack” but the simplified view. The old “rack” will still be available via the skin, but the new default will be the “simple” skin for a cleaner more modern look and feel.

There are dozens and dozens of major improvements that the new architecture now enables.

Untangle has new queueing algorithms to eliminate bufferbloat. Bufferbloat is poor latency caused by excess buffering in networking equipment.

Untangle now supports a queueing algorithm (fq_codel) that can be combined with intelligent prioritization of Bandwidth Control and QoS to ensure good performance even when your connection is under significant load.

The Bufferbloat page has more information about how this works.


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L’aggiornamento per i server arriverà a breve.


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