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10 Maggio 2017



ROSA Desktop è una distribuzione Linux basata su Mandriva che utilizza una versione altamente personalizzata di KDE per offrire una migliore esperienza di utilizzo all’utente. Viene sviluppata anche una versione enterprise per Server (“Enterprise Desktop”) basata però su Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Versione R9

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Most of the system libraries, compilers and system/user software were updated to their new/latest versions (glibc, boost, gcc, clang etc)
  • A new additions to the repos were made such as ldc (the D language compiler), meson (an open source powerful build system) and many others.
  • Added the glibc patch drastically boosting the loading speed of the dynamic shared objects (DSO)
  • The Provides QML-generator was added into RPM
  • Some installation issues and Live mode booting issues were fixed (for some systems)
  • Kernel version is 4.9.20 LTS which permits the R9 installation on the latest Intel Skylake machines
  • Some serious issues affecting the hibernation mode for kernel 4.9 on 32-bit systems were fixed
  • Mesa version 17.0.3 with OpenGL support up to version 4.5 and improved performance for video games running on the free video drivers. The support for the new API Vulkan is also included.
  • The proprietary NVidia drivers now use external GLVND libraries which helps the debug process and to avoid some graphical software issues.
  • The proprietary AMD driver AMDGPU PRO was added into ROSA 64-bit repositories (experimental feature)
  • The support for the proprietary driver fglrx was dropped.
  • The input devices in X11 now use libinput
  • The Firefox 32-bit version crash issue on YouTube and some other sites was fixed.
  • The RPM repositories were reorganized, some popular packages were added to the Main repo (darktable, rawtherapee, krita, synfigstudio, LMMS, ardour, librecad, geany, boomaga, sigil, qbittorrent, deluge, smplayer, remmina etc) which means the improved QA quality for those packages from now on during the versions upgrade.
  • Added OpenCL for FFmpeg


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:





Questa versione supporta sia KDE 4 che Plasma 5.



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