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24 Marzo 2017



FreeNAS è una piccola distribuzione basata su FreeBSD che fornisce servizi di Network-Attached Storage (NAS) quali CIFS, FTP e NFS. sono supportati lo share tra Windows, Apple e Unix.

Versione Corral

Questa versione contiene queste principali migliorie (in lingua Inglese):

  • With all of the new features in FreeNAS 10, as well as its entirely new look, we decided that just slapping a “10” into the release string simply didn”t do justice to the giant evolutionary step we took with this release, nor has the version numbering scheme we’ve been using been increasingly accurate, since we stopped basing our release numbers on that of the underlying FreeBSD OS. “FreeNAS Corral” provides a more holistic description of this release and sets it apart from previous FreeNAS versions: It manages storage, containers, and VM services through one unified interface, making it the most powerful FreeNAS release yet. So, what you knew as FreeNAS 10 is now FreeNAS Corral!
  • We also want to stress that we did not create FreeNAS Corral in a vacuum. It was a collaborative effort between the FreeNAS development team and literally thousands of users. We listened to your feedback in the form of thousands of tickets, and your feedback made the product immeasurably better. We hope and expect that process to remain a vital part of continuing this journey because FreeNAS Corral remains 100% Open Source and has all the same features as FreeNAS 10, it’s simply a new brand to describe this effort going forward.
  • If you find something that you think we can do better, we want to hear about it!The FreeNAS Corral development team will review and respond to every ticket that you open on <a href=”″>the bug tracker</a>


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Questa versione corrisponde alla 10, ma si è preferito chiamarla Corral.


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