OpenELEC 7.0.0

8 Gennaio 2017



OpenELEC è una distribuzione Linux per sistemi embedded costruita specificatamente per eseguire XBMC (media hub open source). OpenELEC è semplice da installare, configurare e usare, come se fosse un set-top-box.

Versione 7.0.0

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Platform changes:
    • New Platform WeTek Core supported with a own Build
      WeTek Core is the best Android TV box you can have to watch IPTV, Movies and TV Shows while you relax on your sofa.
      With an AMLogic S812-H, 2GHz Quad-core processor, 4K Support and 8-bit H265, this box will give you all entertainment you are looking for.
    • Merged Nvidia_Legacy build to Generic build.
      Users who used the Nvidia_Legacy build now have to use our Generic build.
  • Core OS updates and changes (old version in brackets):
    • ALSA updated to 1.1 (1.0.29)
    • Binutils updated to 2.26 (2.25)
    • GCC updated to 5.3 (4.9)
    • glibc updated to 2.23 (2.22)
    • Python updated to 2.7.13 (2.7.3)
    • LLVM updated to 3.8 (3.6)
    • Linux kernel updated to 4.4 (4.1)
    • Mesa updated to 11.2 (11.0)
    • ffmpeg updated to 2.8 (2.6)
    • libva updated to 1.7 (1.6)
    • connman updated to 1.31 (1.23)
    • libnfs updated to 1.11 (1.9)
    • libressl updated to 2.2 (2.1)
    • systemd updated to 229 (219)
    • xorg-server updated to 1.18 (1.17)
  • Driver and firmware updates and changes:
    • updated WLAN drivers and firmware
    • added new AMDGPU driver for new AMD Graphic cards
    • updated Intel Graphic driver
    • merged Nvidia with Nvidia legacy driver to support old and new Graphic cards with one build.
  • Kodi updates and changes (old version in brackets)
    • Kodi updated to 16.1 final (15)
  • New features
    • Bluetooth Audio support (see below)
    • OpenVPN reincluded


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


OpenELEC 7.0.0

OpenELEC 7.0.0


La versione a 32 bit è stata deprecata.


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