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6 Dicembre 2016

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Fedora è una distribuzione Linux sponsorizzata da Red Hat ma dallo sviluppo open e totalmente collaborativo con l’obiettivo di creare una distribuzione contenente solo software open source e di utilizzo generale. E’ disponibile con diversi desktop manager anche se Gnome è il principale.

Versione 25

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

GNOME 3.22

The default environment comes courtesy of the GNOME community. They’ve put a great deal of effort into the newest 3.22 release. Examples of improvements include:

  • Multiple file renaming in the Files app
  • Integrated compressed file capabilities in Files
  • New, redesigned keyboard settings tool
  • Revamped landing page in the Software app
  • Easier category browsing in Software
  • Variable speed playback in Videos
  • …and much more!

Wayland display server

Wayland now replaces the old X11 display server by default. Its goal is to provide a smoother, richer experience when navigating Fedora Workstation. Like all software, there may still be some bugs. You can still choose the old X11 server if required. After selecting the login user, use the settings icon to switch. But this newer display server is designed to keep up with the modern OS and hardware.

Fedora Media Writer

The new Fedora Media Writer makes it easier than ever to download and install Fedora Workstation. You can also use it to download and install other Fedora editions, Spins, or Labs. This tool helps you find and download the current Fedora release and write to removable media like a USB stick. You can then “test drive” the OS live. If you like the experience, you can then install Fedora to your system. While Live USB has been around for a while, the Fedora Media Writer is a highly polished and user-friendly experience.

MP3 decoding support

This release includes a plugin for MP3 decoding such as playing music. If you play a MP3 file from your collection, GNOME Software detects it and helps you install the plugin.

Flatpak support

For developers, Fedora 25 Workstation introduces improved Flatpak support. These enhancements now make it easier to install, update and remove Flatpak software. The improvements make this application packaging standard more user friendly.

Extensions don’t expire

Finally, GNOME Shell extensions are no longer compatibility checked against the GNOME Shell version. This check was required in the early days of GNOME 3 because interfaces underneath were changing quickly. Now these interfaces have stabilized. So your extensions will work better from release to release.

Other notes

These are only some of the improvements in Fedora 25. Fedora also gives you access to thousands of software apps our community provides. Many have been updated since the previous release as well.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Fedora 25

Fedora 25


E’ disponibile anche la versione per ARM.



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