Quirky 8.1: Xerus

10 Novembre 2016



Quirky è una distribuzione Linux creata tramite il tool Woof ed è creata dallo stesso autore di Puppy Linux. E’ specificatamente creata per esplorare nuove idea che vanno oltre il normale approccio con cui si crea una distribuzione Linux.

Questa versione è costruita intorno ad un unico grande file: se il boot parte, tutto è già pronto all’uso.

Versione 8.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

The old “April” series of Quirky is compiled totally from source packages, using T2. Quirky “Xerus” differs in that it is built with Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus binary DEBs.

It must be emphasised that the mere fact of using Ubuntu DEBs does not make Quirky a clone of Ubuntu. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Quirky Xerus behaves just like the April series, with the one difference that packages can be installed from the Ubuntu DEB repositories. The binary compatibility with Ubuntu offers a huge collection of packages, which is the main attraction of this series.

However, some functionality of Ubuntu is castrated, such as systemd. These differences may mean that some Ubuntu DEBs may not work properly (but the vast majority should be fine).

if anyone ever asks you “what type of desktop does Quirky run?”, tell them “JWM and ROX-Filer”. This has been the standard for Puppy and derivatives for the last ten years. JWM is a window manager that also runs the tray, ROX-Filer is a file manager on steroids, that also manages the desktop icons and background.

Oh, and that systemd thing. No Puppy or derivative uses systemd. The standard for Puppy has always been the init mechanism provided by Busybox. You can find the guts of the bootup and shutdown scripts in /etc/rc.d. This works well, and is very fast — the Pi3 boots to a fully-loaded desktop in about 9 seconds.

Quirky Xerus 8.1

All Quirkies prior to 8.1 have been built for x86 and x86_64 PCs. Version 8.1 is the first to be built for the ARM platform, specifically the Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3. Note that Quirky will not work on a Pi1. It is expected a build for the Odroid XU4 is coming soon.

The functionality is much as you have come to expect with a Puppy-derivative — you get “the kitchen sink” in a very small package. That is, an application for just about everything and utilities to setup and configure just about anything.

A difference though, with the Raspberry Pi build, is that it includes LibreOffice and Inkscape, whereas Puppy-derivatives usually have light-weight choices, such as Gnumeric, Abiword and InkscapeLite. This decision was made so as to provide the same functionality out-of-the-box as Raspbian, and in fact a whole lot more.
This has resulted in a somewhat larger build than usual, a download file of 360MB. However, compare that with Raspbian at 1.3GB, and Quirky is still relatively small.

As this is the very first release of Quirky for the Pi, it may have some issues, though we have been testing at the Puppy Forum and have fixed, hopefully, most of them. Some outstanding issues are:


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distibuzione è:


Quirky 8.1: Xerus

Quirky 8.1: Xerus


Questa versione è compatibile con Ubuntu 16.04 e i pacchetti DEB.


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