Ubuntu MATE 16.10

22 Ottobre 2016

Mate, Ubuntu MATE


Ubuntu è la distribuzione Linux basata su Debian sviluppata da Canonical disponibile gratuitamente (tramite il supporto della comunità) oppure professionalmente a pagamento. Il desktop manager utilizzato è Unity, sviluppato dalla stessa Canonical, ma sono disponibili anche gli altri desktop manager (Gnome, KDE, XFCE…)

Ubuntu-MATE è uno spinoff diventato ufficiale e realizzato col desktop MATE.

Versione 16.10

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Upgraded to MATE Desktop 1.16.0
    • The entire MATE Desktop suite has been upgraded to MATE Desktop 1.16.0
    • Many, many, bug fixes.
    • Translation updates.
  • Upgraded Ubuntu MATE Artwork 16.10.9
    • Fix Firefox download progress bars. (LP: #1630224)
    • Fix Unlock button for Time and Date Settings. (LP: #1630910)
    • Fix Back/Forward navigation buttons in Yelp. (LP: #1624574)
    • Fix Firefox Search/Location entry box borders. (LP: #1624738)
    • Fix Firefox menu items.
    • Fix Advanced Menu themes to use flat elements. (LP: #1630366, #1624755)
    • Fix OSD colors. (LP: #1630538)
    • Fix LibreOffice toolbars and theme. (LP: #1624571, #1550990)
    • Fix symbolic icons for GtkExpander.
    • Fix Transmission progress bars. (LP: #1624565)
    • Fix Indicator Applet on transparent panels. (LP: #1598159)
  • Upgraded to Ubuntu MATE Welcome 16.10.10
    • Correct description for Adobe Flash. (LP: #1630266)
    • Add keyboard navigation support. (LP: #1616203)
    • Fix Getting Started sections not re-closing. (LP: #1626909)
    • Fix broken images in bulk queue. (LP: #1626896)
    • Fix notifications for bulk queue operations. (LP: #1626899)
    • Fix “Upgrade Installed Packages” button. (LP: #1626907)
    • Fix inoperable introduction links.
    • Fix Getting Started hints not appearing.
    • Hide “open at login” checkbox for live and guest sessions.
    • Remove ocenaudio. (LP: #1613410)
    • Remove duplicate navigation buttons.
    • Many other minor fixes and refinements.
  • Upgraded to MATE Dock Applet 0.75
    • Application actions now have their own popup window, which can be disabled if required.
    • Window list now appears in response to a click on an application icon when it has more than one window open.
    • Action lists and window list colours now match the panel.
    • Optional Compiz integration, to provide previews of an applications open windows.
    • Bug fixes.
  • Many other bug fixes including:
    • Fixed booting PowerPC iso on PowerMac G5 7,3. (LP: #1626332)
    • Fixed LightDM Guest Session warning dialog. (LP: #1627395)
    • Fixed Display Preferences not working. (LP: #1628209)
    • Fixed changing the size of the MATE Terminal. (LP: #1615443)
    • Removed colour customisations (not supported in GTK3+) from Appearence Preferences. (LP: #1626960)
    • Removed background support (not supported in GTK3+) from Caja. (LP: #1628180)


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web del produttore è:


Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.2


Sono stati pagati 5653€ agli sviluppatori che hanno portato Mate su GTK3



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