NixOS 16.09: “Flounder”

12 Ottobre 2016



NixOS è una distribuzione GNU/Linux indipendente che aspira a migliorare il sistema di configurazione. In NixOS, tutto il sistema operativo è costruito col package manager Nix. Nix memorizza tutt i pacchetti in isolamento dagli altri perciò non ci sono le direcotry /bin, /sbin, /lib o /usr e tutti i pacchetti sono dentro /nix/store.

Versione 16.09: “Flounder”

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Many NixOS configurations and Nix packages now use significantly less disk space, thanks to the extensive work on closure size reduction. For example, the closure size of a minimal NixOS container went down from ~424 MiB in 16.03 to ~212 MiB in 16.09, while the closure size of Firefox went from ~651 MiB to ~259 MiB.
  • To improve security, packages are now built using various hardening features. See the Nixpkgs manual for more information.
  • Support for PXE netboot. See Section 2.3, “Booting from the “netboot” media (PXE)” for documentation.
  • server 1.18. If you use the ati_unfree driver, 1.17 is still used due to an ABI incompatibility.
  • This release is based on Glibc 2.24, GCC 5.4.0 and systemd 231. The default Linux kernel remains 4.4.

    A large number of packages have been converted to use the multiple outputs feature of Nix to greatly reduce the amount of required disk space, as mentioned above. This may require changes to any custom packages to make them build again; see the relevant chapter in the Nixpkgs manual for more information. (Additional caveat to packagers: some packaging conventions related to multiple-output packages were changed late (August 2016) in the release cycle and differ from the initial introduction of multiple outputs.)


    Previous versions of Nixpkgs had support for all versions of the LTS Haskell package set. That support has been dropped. The previously provided haskell.packages.lts-x_y package sets still exist in name to aviod breaking user code, but these package sets don’t actually contain the versions mandated by the corresponding LTS release. Instead, our package set it loosely based on the latest available LTS release, i.e. LTS 7.x at the time of this writing. New releases of NixOS and Nixpkgs will drop those old names entirely. The motivation for this change has been discussed at length on the nix-dev mailing list and in Github issue #14897. Development strategies for Haskell hackers who want to rely on Nix and NixOS have been described in another nix-dev article.


  • Shell aliases for systemd sub-commands were dropped: start, stop, restart, status.


  • Redis now binds to only instead of listening to all network interfaces. This is the default behavior of Redis 3.2


  • /var/empty is now immutable. Activation script runs chattr +i to forbid any modifications inside the folder. See the pull request for what bugs this caused.


  • Using packages compiled with older Wayland may yield an error “undefined reference to `wl_proxy_*`”. Please upgrade those packages and see bug report for more details.

    Gitlab’s maintainance script gitlab-runner was removed and split up into the more clearer gitlab-run and gitlab-rake scripts, because gitlab-runner is a component of Gitlab CI.


  • services.xserver.libinput.accelProfile default changed from flat to adaptive, as per official documentation.


  • fonts.fontconfig.ultimate.rendering was removed because our presets were obsolete for some time. New presets are hardcoded into FreeType; you can select a preset via fonts.fontconfig.ultimate.preset. You can customize those presets via ordinary environment variables, using environment.variables.


  • The audit service is no longer enabled by default. Use security.audit.enable = true to explicitly enable it.


  • pkgs.linuxPackages.virtualbox now contains only the kernel modules instead of the VirtualBox user space binaries. If you want to reference the user space binaries, you have to use the new pkgs.virtualbox instead.


  • goPackages was replaced with separated Go applications in appropriate nixpkgs categories. Each Go package uses its own dependency set. There’s also a new go2nix tool introduced to generate a Go package definition from its Go source automatically.


  • services.mongodb.extraConfig configuration format was changed to YAML.


  • PHP has been upgraded to 7.0


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NixOS 14.04

NixOS 14.04


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