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elementary OS 0.4

22 Settembre 2016

elementary OS

elementary OS è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu che include un nuovo GTK+ e temi di icone per GNOME, Midori come web browser, nuove applicazioni sviluppate in casa  (come Dexter e Postler), e Nautilus Elementary, un file manager semplice.

Versione 0.4

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Loki is the newest version of elementary OS, a design-oriented and open source Linux-based operating system for desktops and laptops. It succeeds Freya which was released in April of 2015.

The previous release of elementary OS was downloaded about 1.2 million times, with 73% of those downloads coming from closed source OSes. elementary founder, Daniel Foré reports,

Rather than competing directly with existing open source projects, elementary seeks to grow the market share for open source software in general. And as we’ve seen with previous releases, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We’ve closed about 1,000 issue reports and implemented over 20 blueprints. Altogether, these represent stability and security improvements, better internationalization, new features and options, and much more.

We’ve also made progress on our mission to create Open Source jobs. We’ve paid out about $8,700 in bounties during the Loki development cycle, bringing our total to $17,521. We’ve also added a new part time employee to our payroll, Blake Kostner, which you can hear more about on the simply elementary podcast.

Loki comes with Linux Kernel 4.4, which means improved hardware support across the board including 6th-gen Intel Skylake processors and graphics. And as previously mentioned, Loki now supports ambient light sensors.

Loki also includes LibInput: a new input stack that delivers smoother scrolling, better multitouch and touch screen support, palm rejection, and more.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:

Il sito web per sviluppatori è:


elementary OS 0.4

elementary OS 0.4


Questa versione esce dopo un anno dalla precedente.


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