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Korora 24: Sheldon

31 Luglio 2016

Cinnamon, Gnome, Korora, Mate, XFCE


Korora nasce col desiderio di rendere Linux semplice per i nuovi utenti, mentre deve rimanere utile per gli esperti. L’obiettivo primario è di fornire un sistema completo e semplice da usare per applicazioni generiche. In origine era basato su Gentoo Linux mentre ora si basa su Fedora.

Versione 24: Sheldon

Questa versione contiene(in Inglese):

Changes in Korora 24

Images are 64 bit only, 32 bit users can still upgrade

Over the last few versions the demand for 32 bit ISOs has markedly decreased to the point where we feel it’s no-longer necessary to provide install images for the platform. Starting with Korora 24, images will be 64 bit (x86_64) only, however those who have 32 bit systems already are still able to upgrade to Korora 24. If you have been running 32 bit Korora on 64 bit hardware we strongly encourage you to install the 64 bit version instead.

No KDE Plasma release yet

We would dearly love to have a KDE iso ready to go, but we ran into a number of issues and decided to not let this hold up the release of Korora 24.. It is possible to upgrade a Korora 23 install of KDE to Korora 24 however there are some settings such as themes may need to be manually set up again.

Pharlap has been deprecated

As previously announced, driver manager Pharlap will not be included in Korora 24. If you have any questions about drivers you can contact us via Engage or on IRC.


Cinnamon 3.0

This new release of Cinnamon includes lots of refinements. Refer to the Cinnamon Release Announcement for more details.

GNOME 3.20

GNOME 3.20 also has improved support for the Wayland compositor. Refer to the GNOME Release Announcement for more details.

Mate 1.14

This release mainly focused on bug fixes and improving support for GTK3.20. Refer to the Mate Release announcement for more details.

Xfce 4.12

This release mainly focused on polishing the desktop and improving the user experience in various ways. Refer to the Xfce Tour for more details.

But wait, there’s more …

Derived from Fedora 241, Korora benefits from Fedora’s long tradition of bringing the latest technologies to open source software users.

A complete list with details of each new inherited feature is available at the Fedora 24 Change Set page.


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Korora 24: Sheldon

Korora 24: Sheldon


Questa versione deriva da Fedora 24

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