NetBSD 7.0.1

9 Giugno 2016




NetBSD è un sistema operativo  basato su BSD che supporta una gran varietà di architetture differenti (da server a dispositivi embedded). Per le sue caratteristiche di pulizia nel design può essere usato sia su sistemi di produzione che per sperimentazione.

Versione 7.0.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Add to ssh_known_hosts.
  • Avoid “vnconfig -l” infinite loop with netbsd-6 or older userland.
  • Avoid a crash when mounting an ados file system.
  • Avoid a panic when unplugging a mounted umass(4) device. PR kern/50467.
  • Don’t leak garbage from the kernel stack on sleep(0) and equivalents.
  • Fix ARM1136 function selection. PR port-arm/50512.
  • Fix a crash in NFS. PR kern/50664.
  • Fix a crash when tmpfs fills up. PR kern/50381.
  • Fix a crash with alc(4). PR kern/50206.
  • Fix i386 PAE kernels. PR port-i386/48196.
  • Fix sftp filename completion. PR bin/50564.
  • Fix two crashes with gif(4).
  • ODROID-C1: Fix a problem when trying to use the network if the cable wasn’t plugged in at boot.
  • Prevent a deadlock with two null mounts on the same physical mount. PR kern/50375.
  • Resolve hostnames with “_”. PR lib/50367.
  • Update root.cache to 20160323.
  • Update tzdata to 2016b.
  • bozohttpd(8): Update to 20160415. Changes:
    • add CGI support for ~user translation (-E switch)
    • add redirects to ~user translation
    • fix bugs around ~user translation
    • add schema detection for absolute redirects
    • fixed few memory leaks
    • bunch of minor tweaks
    • removed -r support
    • smarter redirects
    • fix redirection handling
    • support transport stream (.ts) and video object (.vob) files
    • directory listings show correct file sizes for large files
    • add search-word support for CGI
    • fix a security issue in CGI suffix handler support which would allow remote code execution
    • -C option supports now CGI scripts only
  • cp(1), mv(1), restore(8), touch(1): Don’t truncate at sub-microsecond while preserving timestamps.
  • cvs(1): Remove trailing whitespace from imported messages when adding new files.
  • drm2: Avoid NULL dereference in linux_worker_intr(). PR kern/49560.
  • hp300: Fix panic on machines without arcofi(4) audio.
  • i386: Fix booting on early 486 CPUs that don’t have cpuid.
  • ndp(8): Fix ndp to ipv6 link-local addresses.
  • sparc64: Numerous fixes to compat_netbsd32.
  • terminfo: Correct the x68k’s backspace key behavior.
  • x86: Add missing gptmbr.bin to ramdisk-based install media. PR install/50311.
  • x86: Make fix for AMD erratum 721 actually work.


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In questa versione ci sono anche diversi bugfix.


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